Faculty Profile

Dr. Abu Baker Siddique

Assistant Professor Microbiology

Name: Dr. Abu Baker Siddique
Designation: Assistant Professor
Department: Microbiology
Faculty: Life Sciences
Sr Degree Institute From To
1 Ph.D University of Agriculture, Faisalabad 2007 2012
2 M.Phil Or MS University of Agriculture, Faisalabad 2005 2007
3 Graduation Or Equivalent University of Agriculture, Faisalabad 2001 2005
4 Intermedite Or Equivalent BISE Gujranwala 1999 2001
5 Matriculation Or Equivalent BISE Gujranwala 1997 1999
Sr# Authors Paper Title Journal Page# Pub. Year Volume# Impact Factor HEC Rec. View
1 BILAL ASLAM, IFTIKHAR HUSSAIN, MUHAMMAD SHAHID MAHMOOD*, SAJJAD-UR-RAHMAN AND ABU BAKER SIDDIQUE Molecular characterization of Borrelia anserine isolated from argus ticks collected from poultry, poultry farms and farm premises African Journal of Microbiology Research 3214 2012 6 .539 N
2 MUHAMMAD ASIF ZAHOOR, BILAL ASLAM, MUHAMMAD HIDAYAT RASOOL, MUHAMMAD SAQALEIN AND ABU BAKER SIDDIQUE Phylogenetic Analysis of Pasteurella multocida Isolates Recovered from Fowl Cholera Outbreaks in Geographically Related Poultry Flocks Pakistan Journal of life and Social Sciences 48 2014 12 0 N
3 ABUZAR MUHAMMAD AFZAL, MUHAMMAD HIDAYAT RASOOL, ABU BAKER SIDDIQUE, WASEEM AKRAM, MUHAMMAD SAQALEIN, MADIHA BASIT AND MUHAMMAD FAROOQ TAHIR Antiviral activity of Viro Care GZ-08��� against Newcastle Disease Virus in Poultry and Cytotoxicity Assay in Vero Cell line Pakistan Journal of Agricultural research 200 2015 28 0 Y
4 RIAZ HUSSAIN, FAZAL MAHMOOD, AHRAR KHAN, MUHAMMAD ZARGHAM KHAN AND A. B. SIDDIQUE Pathological and Molecular based study of pneumonic Pasteurellosis in Cattle and Buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Sciences 235 2014 51 1.049 N
5 ABU BAKER SIDDIQUE, SAJJAD UR RAHMAN, IFTIKHAR HUSSAIN AND GHULAM MUHAMMAD Frequency distribution of opportunistic pathogens out of respiratory distress cases in poultry Pakistan Veterinary journal 386 2012 32 1.365 N
6 FAZAL MAHMOOD, AHRAR KHAN, MUHAMMAD ZARGHAM KHAN, RIAZ HUSSAIN, SHAFIA TEHSEEN GUL AND ABU BAKER SIDDIQUE Pathological and molecular based study of naturally occurring lentivirus infection Pakistan Veterinary Journal 511 2012 32 1.365 N
7 RASHEEHA NAVEED, IFTIKHAR HUSSAIN, ABDUL TAWAB, MUHAMMAD TARIQ, MOAZUR RAHMAN, SOHAIL HAMEED, M SHAHID MAHMOOD, ABU BAKER SIDDIQUE AND MAZHAR IQBAL Antimicrobial activities of bioactive components of essential oils against Salmonella and other multidrug resistant bacteria BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine 265 2013 13 2.08 N
8 MUHAMMAD HIDAYAT RASOOL, ABU BAKER SIDDIQUE, MUHAMMAD SAQALEIN, MUHAMMAD JUNAID ASGHAR, MUHAMMAD ASIF ZAHOOR, BILAL ASLAM, HUMERAH BANO SHAFIQ, MUHAMMAD ATIF NISAR Occurrence and antibacterial susceptibility pattern of bacterial pathogens isolated from diarrheal patients in Pakistan Saudi Medical Journal 174 2016 37 .588 Y
9 MUHAMMAD HIDAYAT RASOOL, MUHAMMAD SAQALEIN, TAYYAB SAEED, MUHAMMAD ASIF ZAHOOR, MUHAMMAD IMRAN NAJEEB AND ABU BAKER SIDDIQUE Sero-Epidemiology of Measles in children from district Faisalabad Pakistan Pakistan Journal of Science 115 2016 68 0 Y
10 MUHAMMAD HIDAYAT RASOOL, RUKHSANA YOUSAF, ABU BAKER SIDDIQUE, MUHAMMAD SAQALEIN, MOHSIN KHURSHID Isolation, characterization and antibacterial activity of bacteriophages against Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus in Pakistan Jundishapur Journal of Microbiology 36135 2016 9 .655 N
11 RIAZ HUSSAIN, SYED ABDUL KHALIQ, ABU BAKER SIDDIQUE, IMTIAZ AHMAD KHAN, MOHAMMAD FAROOQUE HASSAN AND MUHAMMAD YOUNUS Clinico-pathological and bacteriological studies on caseous lymphadenitis in small ruminants Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Sciences 437 2017 54 1.049 Y
12 FASEEHA KHALID, ABU BAKER SIDDIQUE, ZEESHAN NAWAZ, MUHAMMAD SHAFIQUE, MUHAMMAD ASIF ZAHOOR, MUHAMMAD ATIF NISAR AND MUHAMMAD HIDAYAT RASOOL Efficacy of bacteriophage against multidrug resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolates Southeast Asian Journal of Tropical Medicine and Public Health 1056 2017 48 .73 Y
13 ABU BAKER SIDDIQUE, ZEESHAN NAWAZ, MUHAMMAD ASIF ZAHOOR, AZHAR RAFIQUE, BILAL ASLAM, NIDA NAZIA AND RIAZ HUSSAIN Efficacy of Lytic Bacteriophages against Multidrug Resistant Salmonella enteritidis from Milk and Meat Pakistan Veterinary journal 353 2018 38 1.217 Y
14 ZEESHAN NAWAZ, SAIF UR REHMAN, ABU BAKER SIDDIQUE, MUHAMMAD ASIF ZAHOOR AND SHAHID ALI Investigations of foot and mouth disease outbreaks in different districts of Punjab, Pakistan. Buffalo Bulletin 81 2018 37 .18 Y
15 JAWERIA ANWAR, MUHAMMAD ASIF ZAHOOR, MUHAMMAD KASHIF ZAHOOR, ABU BAKER SIDDIQUE, ZEESHAN NAWAZ, MUHAMMAD HIDAYAT RASOOL, MUHAMMAD USMAN QAMAR, MUHAMMAD WASEEM, SYED ZAJIF HUSSAIN AND AYSHA YASMIN Efficacy of Azadirachta indica organic extracts against clinical methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus isolates Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 1485 2018 31 .804 Y
16 RIAZ HUSSSAIN, FAZAL MAHMOOD, HAFIZ MUHAMMAD ALI AND ABU BAKER SIDDIQUE Bacterial, PCR and clinico-pathological diagnosis of naturally occurring pneumonic pasturellosis (mannheimiosis) during subtropical climate in sheep Microbial Pathogenesis 181 2017 1 2.36 Y
17 ZEESHAN NAWAZ, MUHAMMAD KASHIF ZAHOOR, ABU BAKER SIDDIQUE, BILAL ASLAM, SAIMA MUZAMMIL, AYSHA YASMIN, IQRA FAYYAZ AND MUHAMMAD ASIF ZAHOOR Molecular identification of blaCTX-M and blaTEM genes among multidrug resistant Enteropathogenic Escherichia coli isolated from children Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 1215 2019 32 .804 Y
18 MUHAMMAD IJAZ, ABU BAKER SIDDIQUE, MUHAMMAD HIDAYAT RASOOL AND MUHAMMAD SHAFIQUE Frequency of multi drug resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa in different wound types of hospitalized patients Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 865 2019 32 .804 Y
19 RIAZ HUSSAIN, MUHAMMAD TARIQ JAVED, IAHTASHAM KHAN, ABU BAKER SIDDIQUE, BILAL ASLAM, ABDUL GHAFFAR, NARMEEN TARIQ, ABDUL QAYYUM AND GAMAL WARETH Pathological and clinical investigations of an outbreak of Blackleg disease due to C. chauvoei in cattle in Punjab, Pakistan Journal of Infection in Developing Countries 786 2019 13 1.175 Y
20 AHRAR KHAN, FAZAL MAHMOOD, RIAZ HUSSAIN, ABU BAKAR SIDDIQUE, S.T. GUL, MUHAMMAD KASHIF SALEEMI, FANG LI AND MEIYAN SHEN Lymphoid Leukosis in Fayoumi Birds Reared in Countryside International Journal of Agriculture and Biology 620 2019 22 869 Y
21 ZEESHAN NAWAZ, ABU BAKER SIDDIQUE, MUHAMMAD ASIF ZAHOOR, BILAL ASLAM, MUHAMMAD KASHIF ZAHOOR, SHAHID ALI AND SULTAN ALI, Detection of Foot and Mouth Disease virus shedding in milk of apparently healthy buffaloes and cattle of Punjab, Pakistan Buffalo Bulletin 786 2019 38 .96 Y
22 RIAZ HUSSAIN, FAZAL MAHMOOD, BILAL ASLAM, ABU BAKER SIDDIQUE, AZHAR RAFIQUE, SYED ABDUL KHALIQ, IAHTASHAM KHAN, SADAF IMRAN, MANSOOR MUBEEN, JAHANZAIB AND AZAM ALI NASIR, Investigation of Different Serotypes of FMDV in Vaccinated Buffaloes (Bubalus bubalis) in Southern Areas of Punjab Province, Pakistan Pakistan Veterinary journal 118 2020 40 1.36 Y
23 MUHAMMAD ASIF ZAHOOR, ZEESHAN NAWAZ, ABU BAKER SIDDIQUE, SAJJAD UR RAHMAN AND SHAHID ALI Simultaneous detection of Mycoplasma infections in clinically sick and apparently healthy broilers Veterinary Sciences: Research and Reviews 34 2017 4 0 N
Sr Post Held Institute / Organization Duration Experience (Y/M/D)
1 Assistant Professor Department of Microbiology, Government College University, Faisalabad 2012-2020 8/5/0
Sr Country Funding Agency Duration (Y/M/D) Purpose
Sr Institute Certificate Year Attended Major Subject