Faculty Profile

Dr. Ghulam Mustafa

Assistant Professor Biochemistry

Name: Dr. Ghulam Mustafa
Designation: Assistant Professor
Department: Biochemistry
Faculty: Life Sciences
Sr Degree Institute From To
1 Ph.D University of Agriculture, Faisalabad 2010 2016
2 M.Phil Or MS University of Agriculture, Faisalabad 2007 2009
3 Master Or Equivalent University of Agriculture, Faisalabad 2005 2007
Sr# Authors Paper Title Journal Page# Pub. Year Volume# Impact Factor HEC Rec. View
1 SUMAIRA KOUSAR, GHULAM MUSTAFA AND AMER JAMIL Microbial Xylosidases: Production and Biochemical Characterization (Mini-Review) Pakistan Journal of Life and Social Sciences 85-95 2013 11 0 Y
2 GHULAM MUSTAFA AND AMER JAMIL Cloning and phylogenetic analysis of an actin encoding DNA fragment from filamentous fungus Trichoderma harzianum International Journal of Agriculture and Biology 1013-1016 2013 15 .902 Y
3 GHULAM MUSTAFA, SIBTAIN AHMED, NISAR AHMED AND AMER JAMIL Phytochemical and antibacterial activity of some unexplored medicinal plants of Cholistan desert Pakistan Journal of Botany 2057-2062 2016 48 .658 Y
4 GHULAM MUSTAFA, SUMAIRA KOUSAR, MUHAMMAD IBRAHIM RAJOKA AND AMER JAMIL Molecular cloning and comparative sequence analysis of fungal ??-xylosidases AMB Express 1-14 2016 6 2.167 Y
5 SUMAIRA SHARIF, GHULAM MUSTAFA, HIRA MUNIR, CONNIE M. WEAVER, YASIR JAMIL AND MUHAMMAD SHAHID Proximate composition and micronutrient mineral profile of wild Ganoderma lucidum and four commercial exotic mushrooms by ICP-OES and LIBS Journal of Food and Nutrition Research 703-708 2016 4 1.676
6 GHULAM MUSTAFA, AISHA TAHIR, MUHAMMAD ASGHER, MEHBOOB-UR-RAHMAN AND AMER JAMIL Comparative sequence analysis of citrate synthase and 18S ribosomal DNA from a wild and mutant strains of Aspergillus niger with various fungi Bioinformation 001-007 2014 10 .5
7 GHULAM MUSTAFA, MUHAMMAD ASGHER, MEHBOOB-UR- RAHMAN AND AMER JAMIL Citrate synthase gene comparison and use of RAPD genomic fingerprinting to study relatedness among different Aspergillus sp (912.1) The FASEB Journal Supplement 912.1 2014 28 5.043 Y
8 RAHEELA JABEEN, GHULAM MUSTAFA, ZAIN UL ABDIN, M. JAVID IQBAL AND AMER JAMIL Expression Profiling of Bioactive Genes from Moringa oleifera Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology 657-666 2014 174 1.687 Y
9 SIBTAIN AHMED, GHULAM MUSTAFA, MUHAMMAD ARSHAD AND MUHAMMAD IBRAHIM RAJOKA Fungal Biomass Protein Production from Trichoderma harzianum Using Rice Polishing BioMed Research International 1-9 2017 2017 2.134 Y
10 GHULAM MUSTAFA, RAWABA ARIF, ASIA ATTA, SUMAIRA SHARIF AND AMER JAMIL Bioactive Compounds from Medicinal Plants and Their Importance in Drug Discovery in Pakistan Matrix Science Pharma 17-26 2017 1 0 N
11 ASIA ATTA, GHULAM MUSTAFAC, MUNIR A SHEIKH, MUHAMMAD SHAHID, HANG XIAO The biochemical significances of the proximate, mineral and phytochemical composition of selected vegetables from Pakistan Matrix Science Pharma 6-9 2017 1 0 N
12 GHULAM MUSTAFA, MUHAMMAD JAVID IQBAL, MUHAMMAD HASSAN AND AMER JAMIL Bioinformatics Characterization of Growth Differentiation Factor 11 of Oryctolagus cuniculus Journal of the Chemical Society of Pakistan 1089-1095 2017 39 .327 Y
14 SUMERA SHAHEEN, GHULAM MUSTAFA AND AMER JAMIL Hyperexpression of xylanase from 2-deoxyglucose (2-DG) resistant mutant of Chaetomium thermophilum Journal of the Chemical Society of Pakistan 695-700 2017 39 .327 Y
15 G. MUSTAFA AND A. JAMIL Comparative Analyses of Gene Clusters and Ks-alpha Genes Involved in the Biosynthesis of Chromomycin A3 and Mithramycin Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 707-714 2017 79 .66 Y
16 MUHAMMAD ASLAM, FAIZ-UL-HASSAN NASIM, RANA RUHI, HASSAN MURAD, SAMINA EJAZ, MUHAMMAD SHAFIQ CHOUDHARY, GHULAM MUSTAFA, MUHAMMAD ASHRAF AND JAMEEL REHMAN Isolation and Characteristics of Biotechnologically Important Antagonistic Thermophilic Bacteria from Rhizosphere of Haloxylon salicornicum Polish Journal of Microbiology 49-58 2018 67 .746 Y
17 GHULAM MUSTAFA, RAWABA ARIF, SHAZIA ANWER BUKHARI, MUHAMMAD ALI, SUMAIRA SHARIF AND ASIA ATTA Structural and functional annotation of citrate synthase from Aspergillus niger ANJ-120 Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 709-717 2018 31 .649 Y
18 RABIA SAJJAD, RAWABA ARIF, ASAD ALI SHAH, IRFAN MANZOOR AND GHULAM MUSTAFA Pathogenesis of Alzheimer s Disease: Role of Amyloid beta and Hyperphosphorylated Tau Protein Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 581-591 2018 80 .738 Y
19 SUMAIRA SHARIF, ASIA ATTA, TAYYABA HUMA, ASAD ALI SHAH, GULNAZ AFZAL, SAIRA RASHID, MUHAMMAD SHAHID, GHULAM MUSTAFA Anticancer, antithrombotic, antityrosinase, and anti-alpha-glucosidase activities of selected wild and commercial mushrooms from Pakistan Food Science and Nutrition 1-7 2018 0 1.521 Y
20 SUMAIRA SHARIF, SAIRA RASHID, ASIA ATTA, ASMA IRSHAD, MUHAMMAD RIAZ, MUHAMMAD SHAHID, GHULAM MUSTAFA Phenolics, tocopherols and fatty acid profiling of wild and commercial mushrooms from Pakistan Journal of Biological Regulators and Homeostatic Agents 863-867 2018 32 1.397 Y
21 SHAZIA ANWER BUKHARI, MUHAMMAD FARRUKH TAHIR, NAHEED AKHTER, FOZIA ANJUM, HASEEB ANWAR, GHULAM MUSTAFA Phylogeny and comparative modeling of phytochelatin synthase from Chlorella sp. as an efficient bioagent for detoxification of heavy metals Journal of Biological Regulators and Homeostatic Agents 881-885 2018 32 1.397 Y
22 SHAHZAD BASHIR, SHAZIA ANWER BUKHARI, IRFAN AFZAL, GHULAM MUSTAFA AND MAHMOOD-UR-RAHMAN Molecular Identification of Stem Rust Resistance Gene(s) from Pakistani Wheat Cultivars International Journal of Agriculture and Biology 1013-1018 2019 21 .869 Y
23 GULNAZ AFZAL, SADAQAT ALI, SHUMAILA KIRAN, GHULAM MUSTAFA, HAFIZ ISHFAQ AHMAD, SAJID HAMEED, MAIMOONA NAZIR, RIDA AMJAD, HAFIZ MUHAMMAD ARSHAD, TAHIRA RUBY AND JAFAR MAJEED Toxicological effect of ethanol on the development of chicken embryo in ova Pure and Applied Biology 882-892 2019 8 0 Y
24 SHAZIA ANWER BUKHARI, MUHAMMAD QASIM, MUHAMMAD SHAREEF MASOUD, MAHMOOD-UR-RAHMAN, HASEEB ANWAR, ALI WAQAS AND GHULAM MUSTAFA Evaluation of Medicinally Important Constituents of Cotoneaster afghanicus G.Klotz Collected from Baluchistan Region of Pakistan Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 259-265 2019 81 .738 Y
25 SHAZIA ANWER BUKHARI, NABILA FARAH, GHULAM MUSTAFA, SAQIB MAHMOOD, SYED ALI RAZA NAQVI Magneto-Priming Improved Nutraceutical Potential and Antimicrobial Activity of Momordica charantia L. Without Affecting Nutritive Value Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology 878-892 2019 188 2.14 Y
26 NIGHAT ZIA UD DEN, GHULAM MUSTAFA, SHAZIA ANWER BUKHARI, FOZIA ANJUM, MUHAMMAD QASIM AND MUHAMMAD SHAHID Enhancement of nutraceutical and antioxidant potential of sunflower hybrid seed varieties through chemical priming Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 1901-1907 2019 32 .596 Y
27 MUHAMMAD USMAN QAMAR, GHULAM MUSTAFA, UZMA QAISAR, FARRUKH AZEEM, MUHAMMAD SHAHID, IRFAN MANZOOR, MUHAMMAD QASIM, TANVEER ABBAS AND ASAD ALI SHAH Molecular detection of blaNDM and blaVIM in clinically isolated multi-drug resistant Escherichia coli in Pakistan Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 2305-2309 2019 32 .596 Y
28 SHAZIA ANWER BUKHARI, AYSHA YASMIN, MUHAMMAD ASIF ZAHOOR, GHULAM MUSTAFA, IQRA SARFRAZ, AZHAR RASUL Secreted frizzled-related protein 4 and its implication in obesity and type-2 diabetes IUBMB Life 1701-1710 2019 71 3.051 Y
29 FARWA JABBIR, MUHAMMAD IRFAN, GHULAM MUSTAFA AND HAFIZ ISHFAQ AHMAD A mini review on role of brca1 in breast cancer Pure and Applied Biology 650-663 2020 9 0 Y
30 FARWA JABBIR, MUHAMMAD IRFAN, GHULAM MUSTAFA AND HAFIZ ISHFAQ AHMAD Bioinformatics Approaches to Explore the Phylogeny and Role of BRCA1 in Breast Cancer Critical Reviews in Eukaryotic Gene Expression 551-564 2019 29 1.841 Y
31 AYSHA YASMIN, SHAZIA ANWER BUKHARI, MUHAMMAD KASHIF ZAHOOR, GHULAM MUSTAFA AND AZHAR RASUL Screening of novel phytochemicals as secreted frizzled-related protein 4 inhibitors: An early stage biomarker of Type 2 diabetes Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 1245-1250 2020 33 .562 Y
32 USMAN HAMEED, SUNBAL KHALID, SUNDAS JAVED AND GHULAM MUSTAFA Importance of cytochrome oxidase subunit 1 in phylogeny reconstruction of various classes of subphylum vertebrata Pure and Applied Biology 1995-2006 2020 9 0 Y
33 RAWABA ARIF, SIBTAIN AHMED AND GHULAM MUSTAFA In silico study to reveal annotation and significant interactions of human defensin with its isoforms and their phylogeny Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 465-471 2020 82 .721 Y
34 NAVEED MUNIR, ZAHED MAHMOOD, MUHAMMAD YAMEEN AND GHULAM MUSTAFA Therapeutic response of Epimedium gandiflorum s different doses to restore the antioxidant potential and reproductive hormones in male Albino rats Dose-Response 1-13 2020 18 2.438 Y
35 SHAZIA ANWER BUKHARI, GHULAM MUSTAFA, SHAHZAD BASHIR, NUDRAT AISHA AKRAM, MAHMOOD UR RAHMAN, BUSHRA SADIA, M. N. ALYEMENI, PARVAIZ AHMAD Genetic transformation of Sr22 gene in a high yielding susceptible cultivar of commercial wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) 3 Biotech 1-9 2020 10 1.786 Y
36 SHAZIA ANWER BUKHARI, MAHWISH SALMAN, MUHAMMAD NUMAN, MUHAMMAD RIZWAN JAVED, MUHAMMAD ZUBAIR, GHULAM MUSTAFA Characterization of antifungal metabolites produced by Lactobacillus plantarum and Lactobacillus coryniformis isolated from rice rinsed water Molecular Biology Reports 1871-1881 2020 47 2.107 Y
37 GULNAZ AFZAL, GHULAM MUSTAFA, SHAKILA MUSHTAQ AND AMER JAMIL DNA Barcodes of Southeast Asian Spiders of Wheat Agro-ecosystem Pakistan Journal of Zoology 1433-1441 2020 52 .79 Y
38 SHAZIA ANWER BUKHARI, GHULAM MUSTAFA, SHAHZAD BASHIR, MUHAMMAD FARRUKH TAHIR AND FOZIA ANJUM In vitro biological evaluation and DNA damage protection activities of Cotoneaster afghanicus G.Klotz and Tamarix arceuthoides Bunge extracts Pakistan Journal of Botany 197-202 2021 53 .8 Y
39 AMNA MUSHTAQ, GHULAM MUSTAFA, TARIQ MAHMOOD ANSARI, MUHAMMAD ASLAM SHAD, JORGE CRUZ-REYES AND AMER JAMIL Antiviral activity of hexapeptides derived from conserved regions of bacterial proteases against HCV NS3 protease Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 217-223 2021 34 .562 Y
40 GHULAM MUSTAFA, MUHAMMAD ARSHAD, IJAZ BANO AND MAZHAR ABBAS Biotechnological applications of sugarcane bagasse and sugar beet molasses Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery 1-13 2020 2020 2.602 Y
41 AMNA MUSHTAQ, TARIQ MAHMOOD ANSARI, GHULAM MUSTAFA, MUHAMMAD ASLAM SHAD, JORGE CRUZ-REYES AND AMER JAMIL Isolation and characterization of nprB, a novel protease from Streptomyces thermovulgaris Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 2361-2369 2020 33 .562 Y
42 GHULAM MUSTAFA, MUHAMMAD MAJID, ABDUL GHAFFAR, MUHAMMAD YAMEEN, HAFIZ ABDUL SAMAD AND HAFIZA SALAHA MAHROSH Screening and molecular docking of selected phytochemicals against NS5B polymerase of hepatitis c virus Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 2317-2322 2020 33 .562 Y
43 MUHAMMAD FARRUKH TAHIR, GHULAM MUSTAFA, RAZIA NOREEN, JAVERIA ALTAF, FOZIA ANJUM AND SHAZIA ANWER BUKHARI Evaluation of crude and modified Cordia myxa gum for its nutraceutical benefits Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 671-678 2021 83 .975 Y
44 NIGHAT ZIA UD DEN, SHAZIA ANWER BUKHARI, TEHREEMA IFTIKHAR AND GHULAM MUSTAFA Biochemical and phenolic acid profiling of sunflower hybrid seed varieties treated by different bio-priming agents Pakistan Journal of Botany 981-989 2021 53 .972 Y
45 ZAHID MUSHTAQ, SIBTAIN AHMED, FATEHA IRSHAD AND GHULAM MUSTAFA Isolation, identification and sequence analysis of subtilisin gene (quaking homolog) encoding a fibrinolytic enzyme from Bacillus subtilis Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 856-864 2021 83 .975 Y
46 HAFIZA SALAHA MAHROSH AND GHULAM MUSTAFA An in silico approach to target RNA‑dependent RNA polymerase of COVID‑19 with naturally occurring phytochemicals Environment, Development and Sustainability 1-14 2021 2021 3.219 Y
47 GHULAM MUSTAFA, HAFIZA SALAHA MAHROSH AND RAWABA ARIF Sequence and structural characterization of toll-like receptor 6 from human and related species BioMed Research International 1-9 2021 2021 3.411 Y
48 SHAZIA ANWER BUKHARI, MUHAMMAD TANVEER, GHULAM MUSTAFA AND NIGHAT ZIA-UD-DEN Magnetic field stimulation effect on germination and antioxidant activities of presown hybrid seeds of sunflower and its seedlings Journal of Food Quality 1-9 2021 2021 2.45 Y
49 RAWABA ARIF, MUHAMMAD ANJUM ZIA AND GHULAM MUSTAFA Structural and functional annotation of napin‑like protein from Momordica charantia to explore its medicinal importance Biochemical Genetics 415-432 2022 60 1.89 Y
50 MUHAMMAD NUMAN, SHAZIA ANWER BUKHARI, MAHMOOD-UR- REHMAN, GHULAM MUSTAFA AND BUSHRA SADIA Phylogenetic analyses, protein modeling and active site prediction of two pathogenesis related (PR2 and PR3) genes from bread wheat PLOS One e0257392 2021 16 3.24 Y
51 SHAZIA ANWER BUKHARI, NABILA FARAH, SAQIB MAHMOOD, JAVARIA ALTAF AND GHULAM MUSTAFA Effects of seed priming with zinc sulfate on nutritional enrichment and biochemical fingerprints of Momordica charantia Journal of Food Quality 1-13 2021 2021 2.45 Y
52 GHULAM MUSTAFA, HAFIZA SALAHA MAHROSH AND RAWABA ARIF In silico characterization of growth differentiation factors as inhibitors of TNF-alpha and IL-6 in immune-mediated inflammatory disease rheumatoid arthritis BioMed Research International 1-11 2021 2021 3.411 Y
53 HAFIZA SALAHA MAHROSH AND GHULAM MUSTAFA The COVID‑19 puzzle: a global nightmare Environment, Development and Sustainability 1-28 2021 2021 3.219 Y
54 HAFIZA SALAHA MAHROSH, MUHAMMAD TANVEER, RAWABA ARIF AND GHULAM MUSTAFA Computer-aided prediction and identification of phytochemicals as potential drug candidates against MERS-CoV BioMed Research International 1-7 2021 2021 3.411 Y
55 GHULAM MUSTAFA, HAFIZA SALAHA MAHROSH, MAHWISH SALMAN, SUMAIRA SHARIF, RAHEELA JABEEN, TANVEER MAJEED AND HAFSAH TAHIR Identification of peptides as novel inhibitors to target IFN-γ, IL-3, and TNF-α in systemic lupus erythematosus BioMed Research International 1-11 2021 2021 3.411 Y
56 RAWABA ARIF, SAJJAD AHMAD, GHULAM MUSTAFA, HAFIZA SALAHA MAHROSH, MUHAMMAD ALI, MUHAMMAD TAHIR UL QAMAR AND HAFIZA RABIA DAR Molecular docking and simulation studies of antidiabetic agents devised from hypoglycemic polypeptide-P of Momordica charantia BioMed Research International 1-15 2021 2021 3.411 Y
57 GULNAZ AFZAL, HAFIZ ISHFAQ AHMAD, ADIL JAMAL, GHULAM MUSTAFA, SHUMAILA KIRAN, RIAZ HUSSAIN, SHAZIA ANJUM, MUHAMMAD RAFAY, ABDUL GHAFFAR AND SABA SAEED Bisphenol A induces histological, hemato-biochemical and oxidative stress at low doses in rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus) Toxin Reviews 1067-1076 2022 41 3.166 Y
58 SREUS A. G. NAIDUA, GHULAM MUSTAFA, ROGER A. CLEMENSC AND A. SATYANARAYAN NAIDUA Plant-Derived Natural Non-Nucleoside Analog Inhibitors (NNAIs) against RNA-Dependent RNA Polymerase Complex (nsp7/nsp8/nsp12) of SARS-CoV-2 Journal of Dietary Supplements 1-30 2021 2021 2.272 Y
59 GULNAZ AFZAL, ADIL JAMAL, SHUMAILA KIRAN, GHULAM MUSTAFA, FAROOQ AHMAD, SABA SAEED, HAFIZ ISHFAQ AHMAD AND SOBIA DAWOOD Aerva javanica mediated synthesis, characterization and antimicrobial evaluation of zinc oxide nanoparticles Journal of Animal and Plant Sciences 547-553 2022 32 .49 Y
60 MUHAMMAD ALI, RIDA IQBAL, MUHAMMAD SAFDAR, SEHRISH MURTAZA, GHULAM MUSTAFA, MUHAMMAD SAJJAD, SHAZIA ANWER BUKHARI AND TAYYABA HUMA Antioxidant and antibacterial activities of Artemisia absinthium and Citrus paradisi extracts repress viability of aggressive liver cancer cell line Molecular Biology Reports 7703–7710 2021 48 2.316 Y
61 GHULAM MUSTAFA, RIZWAN MEHMOOD, HAFIZA SALAHA MAHROSH, KHALID MEHMOOD AND SHAKEEL AHMED Investigation of plant antimicrobial peptides against selected pathogenic bacterial species using a peptide-protein docking approach BioMed Research International 1-11 2022 2022 3.411 Y
62 GHULAM MUSTAFA, HAFIZA S MAHROSH, MUDDASSAR ZAFAR, SYED AWAIS ATTIQUE AND RAWABA ARIF Exploring the antihyperglycemic potential of tetrapeptides devised from AdMc1 via different receptor proteins inhibition using in silico approaches International Journal of Immunopathology and Pharmacology 1-15 2022 36 3.219 Y
63 SHAZIA ANWER BUKHARI, AYSHA YASMIN, AZHAR RASUL, MUHAMMAD ASIF ZAHOOR, GHULAM MUSTAFA, DUNIA A. AL FARRAJ, NOURA M. DARWISH, LOTFI ALEYA AND ASIM REHMAN Identification of ascorbic acid and gallic acid as novel inhibitors of secreted frizzled-related protein for the treatment of obesity-induced type 2 diabetes Dose-Response 1-11 2022 2022 2.658 Y
64 MAHWISH SALMAN, ANAM TARIQ, GHULAM MUSTAFA, MUHAMMAD RIZWAN JAVED, SHAZIA NAHEED AND SARMAD AHMAD QAMAR Cyclo(L‑Leucyl‑L‑Prolyl) from Lactobacillus coryniformis BCH‑4 inhibits the proliferation of Aspergillus flavus: an in vitro to in silico approach Archives of Microbiology 1-10 2022 2022 2.552 Y
65 ALI ZAR PASHA, SHAZIA ANWER BUKHARI, GHULAM MUSTAFA, FOZIA ANJUM, MAHR-UN-NISA AND SAMEER H. QARI Evaluation of modified date palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) mucilage as a potential pharmaceutical excipient Journal of Food Quality 1-12 2022 2022 3.2 Y
66 RAHEELA JABEEN, ATIA IQBAL, FARAH DEEBA, FAISAL ZULFIQAR, GHULAM MUSTAFA, HAQ NAWAZ, UME HABIBA, MUHAMMAD NAFEES, ABBU ZAID, KADAMBOT H. M. SIDDIQUE Isolation and characterization of peroxidase P7-like gene and Rab-GDI like gene from potential medicinal plants: A step toward understanding cell defense signaling Frontiers in Plant Science 1-11 2022 13 6.627 Y
67 MAHWISH SALMAN, MUHAMMAD RIZWAN JAVED, HAZRAT ALI, GHULAM MUSTAFA, ANAM TARIQ, TANZILA SAHAR, SHAZIA NAHEED, IQRA GILL, MUHAMMAD ABID, ABDUL TAWAB Bioprotection of Zea mays L. from aflatoxigenic Aspergillus flavus by Loigolactobacillus coryniformis BCH-4 PLoS ONE 1-17 2022 17 3.752 Y
68 G. AFZAL, A. JAMAL, S. KIRAN, G. MUSTAFA, T. MEHMOOD, F. AHMAD, S. SAEED, A. ALI, N. NAZ, S. S. ZEHRA, S. KHALIL AND S. DAWOOD Copper oxide nanoparticles synthesis using Aerva javanica and their antimicrobial activities. Journal of Animal and Plant Sciences 1403-1411 2022 32 .57 Y
69 MUHAMMAD AZEEM, GHULAM MUSTAFA AND HAFIZA SALAHA MAHROSH Virtual screening of phytochemicals by targeting multiple proteins of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2: Molecular docking and molecular dynamics simulation studies International Journal of Immunopathology and Pharmacology 1-18 2022 36 3.298 Y
70 RIAZ TABASSUM, SUMAIRA KOUSAR, GHULAM MUSTAFA, AMER JAMIL AND SYED AWAIS ATTIQUE In silico method for the screening of phytochemicals against Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus BioMed Research International 1-16 2023 2023 3.246 Y
71 ASMARA AHMAD, GHULAM MUSTAFA, AMNA RANA AND ABDUR REHMAN ZIA Improvements in bioremediation agents and their modified strains in mediating environmental pollution Current Microbiology Article 208 2023 80 2.343 Y
72 GHULAM MUSTAFA, SHUMAILA YOUNAS, HAFIZA SALAHA MAHROSH, MOHAMMED FAHAD ALBESHR AND EIJAZ AHMED BHAT Molecular docking and simulation-binding analysis of plant phytochemicals with the hepatocellular carcinoma targets epidermal growth factor receptor and caspase-9 Molecules 1-18 2023 28 4.927 Y
73 GHULAM MUSTAFA, HAFIZA SALAHA MAHROSH, SYED AWAIS ATTIQUE, RAWABA ARIF, MOHAMMAD ABUL FARAH, KHALID MASHAY AL-ANAZI AND SAJAD ALI Identification of plant peptides as novel inhibitors of Orthohepevirus A (HEV) capsid protein by virtual screening Molecules 1-17 2023 28 4.927 Y
74 SHOUKAT HUSSAIN, GHULAM MUSTAFA, SIBTAIN AHMED, MOHAMMED FAHAD ALBESHR Underlying mechanisms of Bergenia spp. to treat hepatocellular carcinoma using an integrated network pharmacology and molecular docking approach Pharmaceuticals 1-20 2023 16 4.6 Y
75 ANAM TARIQ, MAHWISH SALMAN, GHULAM MUSTAFA, ABDUL TAWAB, SHAZIA NAHEED, HAFSA NAZ, MISBAH SHAHID, HAZRAT ALI Agonistic antibacterial potential of Loigolactobacillus coryniformis BCH-4 metabolites against selected human pathogenic bacteria: An in vitro and in silico approach PLoS ONE e0289723 2023 18 3.7 Y
76 GHULAM MUSTAFA, HAFIZA SALAHA MAHROSH, MAHWISH SALMAN, MUHAMMAD ALI, RAWABA ARIF, SIBTAIN AHMED AND HOSSAM EBAID In silico analysis of honey bee peptides as potential inhibitors of Capripoxvirus DNA-directed RNA polymerase Animals 1-17 2023 13 3 Y
77 MUHAMMAD ALI, ESHA ASGHAR, WAQAS ALI, GHULAM MUSTAFA, IRFAN AAMER ANSARI, SAADIYA ZIA, SIDDIQUE AKBER ANSARI, SUMAIYA KHAN Screening of multitarget compounds against acetaminophen hepatic toxicity using in silico, in vitro, and in vivo approaches Molecules 1-18 2024 29 4.6 Y
78 MUHAMMAD JAHANGEER, GHULAM MUSTAFA, NAVEED MUNIR, SIBTAIN AHMED AND KHALID MASHAI AL-ANAZI Exploring the potential of plant bioactive compounds against male infertility: an in silico and in vivo study Molecules 1-21 2023 28 4.6 Y
79 RAWABA ARIF, SHAZIA ANWER BUKHARI, GHULAM MUSTAFA, SIBTAIN AHMED AND MOHAMMED FAHAD ALBESHR Network pharmacology and experimental validation to explore the potential mechanism of Nigella sativa for the treatment of breast cancer Pharmaceuticals 1-23 2024 17 4.6 Y
80 MAHWISH BATOOL KAZMI, HAYFA HABES ALMUTAIRI, AYESHA ANDLEEB, RAHEELA JABEEN, GHULAM MUSTAFA, UMM-E- HABIBA, SAFDAR ABBAS KAZMI, FARAH NAZ AND NAJMA QAMMAR Mentha longifolia assisted nanostructures: An approach to obliterate microbial biofilms PLoS ONE e0303521 2024 19 2.9 Y
81 SHAZIA ANWER BUKHARI, NABILA FARAH, GHULAM MUSTAFA, SIBTAIN AHMED AND MOHAMMED FAHAD ALBESHR Biopriming of Momordica charantia seeds with Enterobacter to improve nutritional and biochemical attributes Journal of Food Quality 1-15 2024 2024 3.3 Y
Sr Post Held Institute / Organization Duration Experience (Y/M/D)
1 Assistant Professor Government College University, Faisalabad, Pakistan 2017- 0/0/0
2 Assistant Professor Government College University, Faisalabad, Pakistan 2016-2017 1/0/0
Sr Country Funding Agency Duration (Y/M/D) Purpose
1 UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA) Higher Education Commission (HEC), Government of Pakistan 0/10/0 PhD research work
2 SPAIN American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) 0/0/7 Participation in International Conference on Biotechnology and Bioengineering (ICBB-15)
3 SOUTH KOREA KSELS 2019 0/0/10 Participation in 44th Congress of KSELS and 9th International Symposium
Sr Institute Certificate Year Attended Major Subject
2 NIBGE Faisalabad, Pakistan VARIETAL PURITY TESTING THROUGH DNA MARKERS 2011-2011 Molecular Biology
3 Central Hi-Tech Lab., University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Pakistan HPLC 2012-2012 Biochemistry
5 National Centre for Physics, Islamabad, Pakistan FIRST NATIONAL WORKSHOP/CONFERENCE ON COMPUTATIONAL TOOLS 2013-2013 Bioinformatics
7 Microscopy Lab., Aga Khan University, Karachi, Pakistan EMERGING SUPERBUGS-STANDARDIZING ANTIMICROBIAL SUSCEPTIBILITY TESTING 2013-2013 Microbiology
8 Aga Khan University, Karachi, Pakistan CONTINUING MEDICAL EDUCATION (CME) 2013-2013 Microbiology
10 Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California, San Diego, USA APPLICATIONS IN PHYLOGENETICS 2013-2014 Bioinformatics
11 NIAB, Faisalabad, Pakistan DIAGNOSIS OF VIRAL DISEASES 2014-2014 Molecular Biology
12 NIBGE, Faisalabad, Pakistan BACTERIAL IDENTIFICATION AND METAGENOMICS 2015-2015 Molecular Biology
13 Department of Biochemistry, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Pakistan BIOSAFETY TRAINING WORKSHOP FOR YOUNG SCIENTISTS 2015-2015 Biosafety
14 National Center for Physics, Islamabad, Pakistan COMPUTATIONAL BIOLOGY 2016-2016 Bioinformatics