Faculty Profile

Dr. Haseeb Anwar

Chairperson Physiology

Name: Dr. Haseeb Anwar
Designation: Chairperson
Department: Physiology
Faculty: Life Sciences
Sr Degree Institute From To
1 Ph.D University of Agriculture, Faisalabad 2007 2011
2 M.Phil Or MS University of Agriculture, Faisalabad 2001 2003
3 Graduation Or Equivalent University of Agriculture, Faisalabad 1997 2001
Sr# Authors Paper Title Journal Page# Pub. Year Volume# Impact Factor HEC Rec. View
1 H. ANWAR, Z.U. RAHMAN, I. JAVED AND F. MUHAMMAD. Immune potentiating role of protein, probiotic and symbiotic supplementation in moulted White Leghorn hens. Avian Biology Research 8 (1),25-34. 25-34 2015 8 1 Y
2 S. A. BUKHARI, M. ALI,H. ANWAR, M. FAROOQ, S. ERCISLI, L. DIMA, M. ZIA-UL-HAQ Antioxidant potential of cichorium intybus and lentinus edodes ameloriates carbontetrachloride-induced liver toxicity. Oxidation Communications 2006-2015 2015 38 .35 Y
3 A IFTIKHAR, T KHALIQ, JA KHAN, ZU RAHMAN, SU RAHMAN, H ANWAR, H MUZAFFAR AND A MAHMOOD, Effect of supplementation of vitamin E, vitamin C, probiotics and low crude protein diet on oxidative status and other vital health biomarkers of post-molt White Leghorn breeder males. Pakistan Veterinary Journal 519-521 2015 4 1.3 Y
4 HASEEB ANWAR, ZIA-UR-RAHMAN, MUHAMMAD UMAR SOHAIL, ARSLAN IKIKHAR, GHULAM HUSSAIN, MUHAMMAD IRFAN ULLAH, MUHAMMAD AMJAD ALI AND ARSLAN SHAUKAT Evaluation of Health Biomarkers in Hyperlipidemic Albino Rabbits aKer Treatment with Withania somnifera and Lactuca scariola. Pakistan Journal of Life and Social Sciences. 31-36 2015 13 0 Y
5 H ANWAR AND Z U RAHMAN. Efficacy of protein, symbiotic and probiotic supplementation on production performance and egg quality characteristics in molted layers. Tropical Animal Health and Production. 1361-367 2016 48 .9 Y
6 H ANWAR, A IFTIKHAR, M U SOHAIL, G HUSSAIN, M N FAISAL, J A KHAN, S A BUKHARI AND Z IQBA Efficacy of Various Post-Molt Feed Supplementations in Poultry: An Empirical Review. World Poultry Science Journal. 619-627 2016 72 1.3 Y
7 MZH ARSLAN, SM HUSSAIN, M ASRAR,H ANWAR, MMH REHAN, MM SHAHZAD, D RIAZ, N AHMAD AND N WAHAB. Effects of Moringa oleifera leaf meal (MOLM) based diets on carcass composition and hematology ofLabeo rohita fingerlings. Journal of Biodiversity and Environmental Sciences (JBES). 214-223 2016 9 .9 Y
8 H ANWAR AND Z U RAHMAN. Dynamics of anterior pituitary immunoreactive gonadotrophs in moulted hens supplemented with protein, symbiotic and probiotics. Journal of Animal Physiology and Animal Nutrition. 448-455. 2016 100 1 Y
9 S. A. BUKHARI, M. FAROOQ, H. ANWAR, M. SULIMAN, M. Q. AWAN, M. ZIA-UL-HAQ, M. RIAZ, M. MOGA, D. G. FESTILA HEPATOPROTECTIVE AND ANTIOXIDANT POTENTIAL OF Cichorium intybus L. AND Lentinus edodes Berk. IN ANIMAL MODELS Oxidation Communications 2313-2325 2016 39 .4
10 MU SOHAIL, M Z SHABBIR, J M STEINER, S AHMAD, Z KAMRAN H ANWAR, G HUSSAIN, A SHAUKAT, M I ULLAH, J S SUCHODOLSKI Molecular analysis of the gut microbiome of diabetic rats supplemented with prebiotic, probiotic, and synbiotic foods. International Journal of Diabetes in Developing Countries 1-7 2016 6 .366
11 T KHALIQ, A IFTIKHAR, ZU RAHMAN,H ANWAR, JA KHAN, IJ HASAN, A MAHMOOD, H MUZAFFAR AND MA ALI ffect of Vitamins, Probiotics and Low Protein Diet on Lipid Profile, Hormonal Status and Serum Proteins Level of Molted White Leghorn Male Layer Breeders. Pakistan Journal of Life and Social Sciences. 18-23 2016 14 0 Y
12 BUSHRA ISHAQ, JUNAID ALI KHAN, SEHRISH MURTAZA, RAO ZAHID ABBAS, TANWEER KHALIQ, AHRAR KHAN, HARIS ALI ARSHAD & HASEEB ANWAR Protective potential of Trachyspermum ammi seeds in gentamicin-induced nephrotoxicity in rabbit model BLACPMA 280-286 2015 14 .3 Y
Sr Post Held Institute / Organization Duration Experience (Y/M/D)
1 Assistant Professor/Incharge Department of Physiology, GCUF 2012- 4/11/0
2 Research Scholar Institute of Pharmacy, Physiology and Pharmacology, UAF 2007-2011 4/0/0
3 Assistant research Officer Veterinary Research Institute 2006-2007 1/0/0
4 Veterinary Officer L & DD Punjab 2004-2006 2/0/0
5 Research Assitant University of Agriculture, Faisalabad 2002-2004 2/5/0
Sr Country Funding Agency Duration (Y/M/D) Purpose
1 DENMARK HEC, Pakistan 0/1/0 Research attachment
2 UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA) HEC, Islamabad 0/0/10 Paper presentation
Sr Institute Certificate Year Attended Major Subject