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Dr. Hina Rizvi

Assistant Professor Environmental Sciences and Engineering

Designation: Assistant Professor
Department: Environmental Sciences and Engineering
Faculty: Physical Science
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Sr# Authors Paper Title Journal Page# Pub. Year Volume# Impact Factor HEC Rec. View
1 HINA RIZVI, NASIR AHMAD, FARHAT ABBAS, IFTIKHAR HUSSAIN BUKHARI, ABDULLAH YASAR, SHAFAQAT ALI, TAHIRA YASMEEN AND MUHAMMAD RIAZ Startup of UASB reactors treating municipal wastewater and effect of temperature/sludge age and hydraulic retentention time on its performance Arabian Journal of Chemistry 780-786 2015 8 3.73 Y
2 MUHAMMAD RIZWAN, SHAFAQAT ALI, HINA RIZVI, JRG RINKLEBE, DANIEL C.W. TSANG, ERIK MEERS, YONG SIK OK, WAJID ISHAQUE Phytomanagement of Heavy Metals in Contaminated Soils Using Sunflower A Review Critical Reviews in Environmental science and Technology 1498-1528 2016 46 4 Y
3 MUHAMMAD RIZWAN, SHAFAQAT ALI, MUHAMMAD ADREES, HINA RIZVI, MUHAMMAD ZIA-UR-REHMAN, FAKHIR HANNAN, MUHAMMAD FAROOQ QAYYUM, FARHAN HAFEEZ AND YONG SIK Cadmium stress in rice: toxic effects, tolerance mechanisms, and management: a critical review Environmental Science and Pollution Research 17859-17879 2016 23 2.828
4 HINA RIZVI, NASIR AHMAD, ABDULLAH YASAR, KIRANBUKHARI AND HAJIRA KHAN Disinfection of UASB-Treated Municipal Wastewater by H2O2, UV, Ozone, PAA, H2O2/Sunlight, and Advanced Oxidation Processes: Regrowth Potential of Pathogens Polish Journal of Environmental Studies 1153-1161 2013 22 .6 Y
5 MUHAMMAD BILAL SHAKOOR, SHAFAQAT ALI1, HAFIZ MUHAMMAD TAUQEER, FAKHIRHANNAN, HINA RIZVI, BASHARAT ALI, USMAN IFTIKHAR AND MUJAHIDFARID Vulnerability of Climate Change to Agricultural Systems in Third World Countries and Adaptation Practices International Journal of Agronomy and Plant Production 2502-2513 2013 4 .4
6 HINA RIZVI, SHAFAQAT ALI MUDASAR ALI, ABDULLAH YASAR, MUHAMMAD RIZWAN Applicability of UASB for typical sewage of a small community. International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology. 1745-1756 2018 15 2.344 Y
7 FAISAL ISLAM, TAHIRA YASMEEN, QASIM ALI, SHAFAQAT ALI, MUHAMMAD SALEEM ARIF, SABIR HUSSAIN AND HINA RIZVI. Influence of Pseudomonas aeroginosa as PGPR on oxidative stress tolerance in wheat under Zn stress. Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety 285-293 2014 104 2.762 Y
8 M. K. DAUD, HINA RIZVI, MUHAMMAD FARHAN AKRAM, SHAFAQAT ALI, MUHAMMAD RIZWAN, MUHAMMAD NAFEES, AND ZHU SHUI JIN Review of Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket Reactor (UASB) Technology: Effect of different Parameters and Developments for Domestic Wastewater Treatment Journal of Chemistry 13 2018 2018 1.3 Y
9 MUJAHID FARID, SHAFAQAT ALI, MUHAMMAD BILAL SHAKOOR, SAIMAASLAM BHARWANA, HINA RIZVI, SANA EHSAN, HAFIZ MUHAMMAD TAUQEER USMAN IFTIKHAR AND FAKHIR HANNAN. EDTA Assisted Phytoremediation of Cadmium, Lead and Zinc. International Journal of Agronomy and Plant Production, 2833-2846 2013 4 .4
10 MUHAMMAD ARSHAD, MAZHAR ABBAS, SYED EHTISHAM-UL-HAQUE, MUHAMMAD AKHYAR FARRUKH, ABID ALI, HINA RIZVI, GUL AFSHAN SOOMRO, ABDUL GHAFFAR, MUHAMMAD YAMEEN, MUNAWAR IQBAL Synthesis and characterization of SiO2 doped Fe2O3 nanoparticles: Photocatalytic and antimicrobial activity evaluation Journal of Molecular Structure 244-250 2019 1180 2.011 Y
11 SADIA ATA, ANILLA TABASSUM, ISMAT BIBI, FARZANA MAJID, MISBAH SULTAN, SAMINA GHAFOOR, ABDUL AHAD, MUHAMMAD ARIF BHATTI, ATIF ISLAM, HINA RIZVI, MUNAWAR IQBAL. Synthesis and Characterization of ZnO nanorods as an adsorbent for Cr(VI) Sequestration. Zeitschrift Fur Physikalische Chemie 12 2019 2019 1.144 Y
12 FARZANA MAJID, ABDUL MALIK, SADIA ATA, ZAHEER HUSSAIN, ISMAT BIBI, MUNAWAR IQBAL*, MUHAMMAD RAFAY AND HINA RIZVI. Structural and Optical Properties of Multilayer Heterostructure of CdTe/CdSe Thin Films Zeitschrift Fur Physikalische Chemie 13 2019 2019 1.144 Y
13 DURE NAJAF IQBAL1 , ERUM AKBAR HUSSAIN2 , GUL AFSHAN SOOMRO3 , HINA RIZVI4 3 , MUNAWAR IQBAL1,* , ARIF NAZIR1 Microwave assisted green synthesis of guar gum esters with enhanced physico-chemical properties??? . Journal of Scientia Iranica 23 2019 2019 .679 Y
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