Faculty Profile

Prof. Dr. M. Aamer Mehmood

Professor Bioinformatics & Biotechnology

Name: Prof. Dr. M. Aamer Mehmood
Designation: Professor
Department: Bioinformatics & Biotechnology
Faculty: Life Sciences
Sr Degree Institute From To
1 Ph.D Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad 2005 2010
2 Master Or Equivalent University of Agriculture, Faisalabad 1999 2003
3 Intermedite Or Equivalent BISE Bahawalpur 1995 1999
4 Matriculation Or Equivalent BISE Bahawalpur 1993 1995
Sr# Authors Paper Title Journal Page# Pub. Year Volume# Impact Factor HEC Rec. View
1 MUHAMMAD AAMER MEHMOOD, MAMOONA LATIF, KHADIM HUSSAIN, MUNAZZA GULL, FAROOQ LATIF, MUHAMMAD IBRAHIM RAJOKA Heterologous Expression of the Antifungal b-Chitin Binding Protein CBP24 from Bacillus thuringiensis and its Synergistic Action with Bacterial Chitinases Protein and Peptide Letters 39-44 2015 22 1.168
2 GILL SS, MA MEHMOOD*, N AHMAD, M IBRAHIM, U RASHID, S ALI, IA NEHDI Strain selection, growth productivity and biomass characterization of novel microalgae isolated from fresh and wastewaters of upper Punjab, Pakistan Frontiers in Life Science 190-200 2016 9 1.273 Y
3 AHMAD, MS, MA MEHMOOD*, OS AL-AYED, G YE, H LUO, M IBRAHIM, U RASHID, IA NEHDI Kinetic analyses and pyrolytic behavior of Para grass (Urochloa mutica) for its bioenergy potential Bioresource Technology 708-713 2017 224 7.539 Y
4 AHMAD, MS., MA MEHMOOD*, G YE, OS AL-AYED, M IBRAHIM, U RASHID, H LUO, G QADIR, IA NEHDI Thermogravimetric analyses revealed the bioenergy potential of Eulaliopsis binata Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry 1237-1247 2017 130 2.731 Y
5 ANWAR F, U RASHID, S ASHRAF, SI AL-RESAYES, MA MEHMOOD, IA NEHDI, M IBRAHIM, MA HANIF Biodiesel synthesis from Brassica napus seed oil using statistical optimization approach Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy 013103 2017 9 1.575 Y
6 ZHANG, M., K ZHANG, MA MEHMOOD, X ZHAO, ZK ZHAO, F BAI. Deletion of acetate transporter gene ADY2 improved tolerance of Saccharomyces cerevisiae against multiple stresses and enhanced ethanol production in the presence of acetic acid. Bioresource Technology 1461-1468 2017 245 7.539 Y
7 LI, Y., X ZHANG, L XIONG, MA MEHMOOD, X ZHAO, F BAI On-site cellulase production and efficient saccharification of corn stover employing cbh2 overexpressing Trichoderma reesei with novel induction system Bioresource Technology 643-649 2017 238 7.539 Y
8 MEHMOOD, MA., G YE, H LUO, C LIU, S MALIK, I AFZAL, J XU, MS AHMAD Pyrolysis and kinetic analyses of Camel grass (Cymbopogon schoenanthus) for bioenergy Bioresource Technology 18-24 2017 228 7.539 Y
9 AHMAD MS, MEHMOOD MA*, TAQVI STH, ELKAMEL A, LIU CG, XU J, RAHIMUDDIN SA, GULL M Pyrolysis, kinetics analysis, thermodynamics parameters and reaction mechanism of Typha latifolia to evaluate its bioenergy potential Bioresource Technology 491 2017 245 7.539 Y
10 CHEN, B., C WAN, MA MEHMOOD, J-S CHANG, F BAI, X ZHAO Manipulating environmental stresses and stress tolerance of microalgae for enhanced efficiency of biorefinery-A review Bioresource Technology 1198-1206 2017 244 7.539 Y
11 MALIK S, AFZAL I, MEHMOOD MA, RAHIMUDDIN S, GULL M, NAHID N. Heterologous synthesis and recovery of advanced biofuels from bacterial cell factories. Protein and Peptide letters 120-128 2018 25 1.156 Y
12 KHAN, M, MEHMOOD MA, MUKHTAR Z, AHMAD N Chloroplasts as cellular factories for the cost-effective production of cellulases Protein and Peptide letters 129-135 2018 25 1.156 Y
13 LIU CG, ZY LI, Y HAO, J XIA, FW BAI, MA MEHMOOD Computer simulation elucidates yeast flocculation and sedimentation for efficient industrial fermentation Biotechnology Journal e1700697 2018 13 3.912 Y
14 XU K, QIU C, PEI H, MEHMOOD MA, WANG H, LI L, XIAO Q. Homeobox B3 promotes tumor cell proliferation and invasion in glioblastoma Oncology Letters 3712-3718 2018 15 2.311 Y
15 AHMAD, MS., MA MEHMOOD*, CG LIU, A TAWAB, FW BAI, C SAKDARONNARONG, J XU, SA RAHIMUDDIN, M GULL. Bioenergy potential of Wolffia arrhiza appraised through pyrolysis, kinetics, thermodynamics parameters and TG-FTIR-MS study of the evolved gases. Bioresource Technology 297-303 2018 253 7.539 Y
16 MEHMOOD MA Recent trends in biofuels and bioindustry. Protein and Peptide letters 98 2018 25 1.156 Y
17 YE G, H LUO, Z REN, MS AHMAD, CG LIU, A TAWAB, AB AL-GHAFARI, U OMAR, M GULL, MA MEHMOOD* Evaluating the bioenergy potential of Chinese Liquor-industry waste through pyrolysis, thermogravimetric, kinetics and evolved gas analyses Energy Conversion and Management 13-21 2018 163 8.208 Y
18 RAJOKA MI, M NAWAZ, MA MEHMOOD, CG LIU, SA RAHIMUDDIN, T IFTIKHAR A semi-pilot-scale study to produce citric acid from hydrol using a mutant of Aspergillus niger Pakistan Journal of Botany 2377-2383 2018 6 .75 Y
19 MEHMOOD, MA., I SHAHID, K HUSSAIN, F LATIF, MI RAJOKA Thermodynamic Properties of the ??-glucosidase from Thermotoga maritime extend the upper limit of thermophilicity. Proteins and Peptide Letters 1282-1288 2014 21 1.168 Y
20 MEHMOOD, MA*., K HUSSAIN, F LATIF, MR TABASSUM, M GULL, SS GILL, A SAQIB, Z IQBAL Synergistic action of the antifungal ??-chitin binding protein cbp50 from Bacillus thuringiensis with bacterial chitinases. Current Proteomics 23-26 2014 11 .68 Y
21 MEHMOOD MA, Y GAI, Q ZHUANG, F WANG, X XIAO AND F WANG. Aeromonas caviae CB101 contains four chitinases encoded by a single gene Chi1 Molecular Biotechnology 213-220 2010 44 2.022 Y
22 XU, K, T TAO, J JIE, X LU, X LI, MA MEHMOOD, H HE, Z LIU, X XIAO, J YANG, J MA, W LI, Y ZHOU AND Z LIU Increased importin13 activity is associated with the pathogenesis of Pterygium Molecular Vision 604-613 2013 19 2.219 Y
23 RASHID, U., M IBRAHIM, IA NEHDI, SA AL-RESAYES, S ULLAH, MA MEHMOOD, S SHAHZADI Synthesis and characterization of Poppy seed oil methyl esters Chinese Journal of Chemical Engineering 1087-1096 2016 24 2.627 Y
24 MEHMOOD MA, X XIAO, FY HAFEEZ, Y GAI AND F WANG Purification and characterization of a chitinase from Serratia proteamaculans. World Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology 1955-1961 2009 25 2.477 Y
25 KE, X, X TANG, Y GAI, MA MEHMOOD, X XIAO AND F WANG Molecular Characterization of Cold-Inducible ??-Galactosidase from Arthrobacter sp. ON14 Isolated from Antarctica Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology 236-242 2011 21 1.992 Y
26 MEHMOOD MA, X XIAO, FY HAFEEZ, Y GAI AND F WANG. Molecular characterization of the modular chitin binding protein Cbp50 from Bacillus thuringiensis serovar konkukian. Antonie van Leeuwenhoek Journal of Microbiology 453-458 2011 100 2.674 Y
27 CHEN, Y, F WANG, J XU, MA MEHMOOD AND X XIAO Physiological and evolutionary studies of NAP systems in Shewanella piezotolerans WP3 The ISME Journal 843-855 2011 5 9.52 Y
28 SHAKOOR, H., M IBRAHIM, M USMAN, M ADREES, MA MEHMOOD, F ABBAS, N RASOOL, UMER RASHID Removal of Reactive Blue 21 from Aqueous solution by sorption and solubilization in micellar media Journal of Dispersion Science and Technology 144-154 2016 37 1.701 Y
29 SALEEMI, MK, MZ KHAN, A KHAN, I JAVED, ZU HASAN, MR HAMEED, S HAMEED AND MA MEHMOOD. Occurrence of toxigenic fungi in maize and maize-gluten meal from Pakistan Phytopathologia Mediterranea 219-224 2012 51 2.037 Y
30 MEHMOOD MA, X XIAO, FY HAFEEZ, Y GAI AND F WANG Molecular characterization of an endochitinase from Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. konkukian. World Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology 2171-2178 2010 26 2.477 Y
31 INTARAMAS K, C SAKDARONNARONG, CG LIU, MA MEHMOOD*, W JONGLERTJUNYA, N LAOSIRIPOJANA. Sequential catalytic-mixed-milling and thermohydrolysis of Cassava starch improved ethanol fermentation Food and Bioproducts Processing 72-84 2019 114 3.726 Y
32 SALEEMI, MK, MZ KHAN, A KHAN, MA MEHMOOD, M FAROOQ, S HAMEED, Z HASSAN, MR JAVED AND I JAVED Molecular identification of black Aspergilli isolated from poultry feeds by sequencing their ITS-regions Pakistan Veterinary Journal 171-174 2012 32 1.175 Y
33 ZHANG MM, L XIONG, Y TANG, MA MEHMOOD, ZK ZHAO, FW BAI, XQ ZHAO. Enhanced acetic acid stress tolerance and ethanol production in Saccharomyces cerevisiae by modulating expression of the ???de novo??? purine biosynthesis genes. Biotechnology for Biofuels 116 2019 12 4.815 Y
34 MEHMOOD, MA, MS AHMAD, Q LIU, CG LIU, MH TAHIR, AA ALOQBI, NI TARBIAH, HM ALSUFIANI, M GULL Helianthus tuberosus as a promising feedstock for bioenergy and chemicals appraised through pyrolysis, kinetics, and TG-FTIR-MS based study Energy Conversion and Management 37-45 2019 194 8.208 Y
35 AHMAD, MA, MA MEHMOOD*, H LUO, B SHEN, M LATIF, WAWAK GHANI, NA ALKHATTABI, AA ALOQBI, EJ JAMBI, M GULL, UMER RASHID Pyrolysis and thermogravimetric study to elucidate the bioenergy potential of novel feedstock produced on poor soils keeping the environmental sustainability intact. Sustainability 3592 2019 11 2.592 Y
36 SHAHID, A, M ISHFAQ, MS AHMAD, S MALIK, M FAROOQ, Z HUI, AH BATAWI, ME SHAFI, AA ALOQBI, M GULL, MA MEHMOOD* Bioenergy potential of the residual microalgal biomass produced in city wastewater assessed through pyrolysis, kinetics and thermodynamics study to design algal biorefinery Bioresource Technology 121701 2019 289 7.539 Y
37 PARVAIZ, A., MR JAVED, G MUSTAFA, MA MEHMOOD, MT UL QAMAR, A PERVAIZ, FA JOYIA Functional insights and molecular model analyses of Thermotoga maritima xylanases reveal thermostability and complex evolutionary lineage Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Sciences 809-817 2019 56 .618 Y
38 LI K, J XIA, MA MEHMOOD, XQ ZHAO, CG LIU, FW BAI Extracellular redox potential regulation improves yeast tolerance to furfural Chemical Engineering Science 54-63 2019 196 3.871 Y
39 MALIK, S, F KHAN, Z ATTA, N HABIB, MN HAIDER, N WANG, MD. A ALAM, EJ JAMBI, M GULL, MA MEHMOOD*, HUI ZHU Microalgal flocculation; global research progress and prospects for algal biorefinery. Biotechnology and Applied Biochemistry 52-60 2020 67 1.559 Y
40 MEHMOOD MA*, M IBRAHIM, U RASHID, M NAWAZ, S GILL, A HUSSAIN, M GULL Biomass production for bioenergy using marginal lands Sustainable Production and Consumption 3-21 2017 9 3.66 Y
41 LIU CG, LY CAO, Y WEN, K LI, MA MEHMOOD*, XQ ZHAO, FW BAI Intracellular redox manipulation of Zymomonas mobilis for improving tolerance against lignocellulose hydrolysate-derived stress. Chemical Engineering Science 115933 2020 227 3.871 Y
42 AFSHAN, S., S ALI, SA BHARWANA, M RIZWAN, M FARID, F ABBAS, M IBRAHIM, MA MEHMOOD, GH ABBASI Citric acid enhances the phytoextraction of chromium, plant growth, and photosynthesis by alleviating the oxidative damages in Brassica napus L. Environmental Science & Pollution Research 11679-89 2015 22 3.056 Y
43 LIU, CG., K LI, KY LI, C SAKDARONNARONG, MA MEHMOOD*, XQ ZHAO, FW BAI Intracellular redox perturbation in Saccharomyces cerevisiae improved furfural tolerance and enhanced cellulosic bioethanol production Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology 1-10 2020 8 3.644 Y
44 SHAHID A, S MALIK, H ZHU, J XU, MZ NAWAZ, S NAWAZ, MA ALAM, MA MEHMOOD* Cultivating microalgae in wastewater for biomass production, pollutant removal, and atmospheric carbon mitigation; a review Science of the Total Environment 135303 2020 704 6.551 Y
45 USMAN M, MR JAVED, MA MEHMOOD, T HUMA, A IJAZ Isolation of aflatoxigenic Aspergillus flavus from animal-feed and exploration of genetic basis of aflatoxin biosynthesis Pakistan Veterinary Journal 541-547 2019 39 1.36 Y
46 MEHMOOD, MA The global trend in biofuel science; challenges and opportunities Proteins and Peptide Letters 468-470 2019 26 1.156 Y
47 LI, K, J-W ZHANG, C-G LIU, MA MEHMOOD*, F-W BAI Elucidating the molecular mechanism of TEMPOL-mediated improvement on tolerance under oxidative stress in Saccharomyces cerevisiae Chemical Engineering Science 105-110 2020 27 3.871 Y
48 SHAHID A, A REHMAN, M USMAN, MUF ASHRAF, MR JAVED, AZ KHAN, SS GILL, MA MEHMOOD*. Engineering the metabolic pathways of lipid biosynthesis to develop robust microalgal strains for biodiesel production Biotechnology and Applied Biochemistry 41-51 2020 67 1.559 Y
49 AHMAD, MS, CG LIU, M NAWAZ, A TAWAB, X SHEN, B SHEN, MA MEHMOOD Elucidating the pyrolysis reaction mechanism of Calotropis procera and analysis of pyrolysis products to evaluate its potential for bioenergy and chemicals Bioresource Technology 124545 2021 322 7.539 Y
50 REHMAN, O, A SHAHID, CG LIU, JR XU, MR JAVED, NH EID, M GULL, M NAWAZ, MA MEHMOOD Optimization of low-temperature energy-efficient pretreatment for enhanced saccharification and fermentation of Conocarpus erectus leaves to produce ethanol using Saccharomyces cerevisiae Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery 1269-1278 2020 10 2.602 Y
51 ZHU H, N WANG, MA MEHMOOD, MK SALEEMI, Y TONG, MQ BILAL, J XIE, B GU, H LUO Probiotics-based fermentation enhanced the protein content of the Distiller���s grain for its applications in animal husbandry Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Sciences 1629-1636 2020 57 .618 Y
52 HUANG, X, N WANG, MA MEHMOOD, MK SALEEMI, T DENG, H WU, Y KE, H ZHU. Pyrosequencing of the 16S rRNA Gene Elucidated the Diet and Age-related Association of the Intestinal Microbial Community in Ailuropoda melanoleuca (Giant Panda) International Journal of Agriculture and Biology 1699-1707 2020 24 .822 Y
53 AHMAD N, MA MEHMOOD, S MALIK. Recombinant protein production in microalgae; emerging trends Protein and Peptide Letters 105-110 2020 27 1.156 Y
54 SHAHID, A., S MALIK, CG LIU, SG MUSHARRAF, AJ SIDDIQUI, F KHAN, NI TARBIAH, M GULL, U RASHID, MA MEHMOOD* Characterization of a newly isolated cyanobacterium Plectonema terebrans for biotransformation of the wastewater-derived nutrients to biofuel and high-value bioproducts Journal of Water Process Engineering 124545 2021 322 3.456
55 MALIK S, A SHAHID, CG LIU, AZ KHAN, MZ NAWAZ, Z HUI, MA MEHMOOD* Developing fourth-generation biofuel secreting microbial cell factories for enhanced productivity and efficient product recovery; a review Fuel 120858 2021 298 5.578 Y
56 SHAHID A, M USMAN, Z ATTA, SG MUSHARRAF, S MALIK, A ELKAMEL, M SHAHID, NA ALKHATTABI, M GULL, MA MEHMOOD*. Impact of wastewater cultivation on pollutant removal, biomass production, metabolite biosynthesis, and carbon dioxide fixation of newly isolated cyanobacteria in a multiproduct biorefinery paradigm Bioresource Technology 125194 2021 333 7.539 Y
57 AJAZ, S., T AHMED, M SHAHID, M NOMAN, AA SHAH, MA MEHMOOD, A ABBAS, AI CHEEMA, MZ IQBAL, B LI Bioinspired green synthesis of silver nanoparticles by using a native Bacillus sp. strain AW1-2: Characterization and antifungal activity against Colletotrichum falcatum Went. Enzyme and Microbial Technology 109745 2021 39 3.448
58 MEHMOOD MA, A SHAHID, S MALIK, N WANG, MR JAVED, MN HAIDER, P VERMA, MUA ASHRAF, N HABIB, A SYAFIUDDIN, R BOOPATHY. Advances in developing metabolically engineered microbial platforms to produce fourth-generation biofuels and high-value biochemicals. Bioresource Technology 125510 2021 337 11.88 Y
59 AMRAN AH, NS ZAIDI, A SYAFIUDDIN, LZ ZHAN, MB BAHRODIN, MA MEHMOOD, R BOOPATHY Potential of Carica papaya seed-derived bio-coagulant to remove turbidity from polluted water assessed through experimental and modeling-based study Applied Sciences 5715 2021 11 2.838 Y
60 SHAHID A, AZ KHAN, S MALIK, CG LIU, MA MEHMOOD*, A SYAFIUDDIN, N WANG, H ZHU, R BOOPATHY Advances in green technologies for the removal of effluent organic matter from urban wastewater Current Pollution Reports 463-475 2021 7 8.097 Y
61 MALIK S, MUF ASHRAF, A SHAHID, MR JAVED, AZ KHAN, M USMAN, A MANIVANNAN, MA MEHMOOD*, GA ASHRAF Characterization of a newly isolated self-flocculating microalga Bracteacoccus pseudominor BERC09 and its evaluation as a candidate of a multiproduct algal biorefinery. Chemosphere 135346 2022 304 8.943 Y
62 KHAN F, A SHAHID, H ZHU, N WANG, MR JAVED, N AHMAD, X JIANREN, MA ALAM, MA MEHMOOD* Prospects of algae-based green synthesis of nanoparticles for environmental applications Chemosphere 133571 2022 293 8.943 Y
63 MALIK S, A SHAHID, MJ BETENBAUGH, CG LIU, MA MEHMOOD* A wastewater-derived novel cascading algal biorefinery for complete valorization of the biomass to biodiesel and value-added bioproducts Energy Conversion and Management 115360 2022 256 11.53 Y
64 LIU, Z, A ASGHAR, C HOU, I ALI, SR NAQVI, N WANG, H ZHU, MA MEHMOOD*, CG LIU Co-pyrolysis of the Chinese liquor industry waste and bamboo waste, elucidation of the pyrolysis reaction chemistry, and TG-FTIR-MS based study of the evolved gases Fuel 124976 2022 326 8.035 Y
65 ASGHAR A, R HAIDER, CG LIU, M AFZAL, MA MEHMOOD*. Evaluating bioenergy potential of the Para grass (Brachiaria mutica) biomass produced on a land-free cultivation system while keeping the water-energy-environment nexus sustainable Energy Conversion and Management 114590 2021 245 11.53 Y
66 XU JR, MA MEHMOOD*, L WANG, N AHMAD, HJ MA OMICs-based strategies to explore stress tolerance mechanisms of Saccharomyces cerevisiae for efficient fuel ethanol production Frontiers in Energy Research 884582 2022 10 3.858 Y
67 SHAHID A, AJ SIDDIQUI, SG MUSHARRAF, CG LIU, S MALIK, A SYAFIUDDIN, R BOOPATHY, NI TARBIAH, M GULL, MA MEHMOOD* Untargeted metabolomics of the alkalophilic cyanobacterium Plectonema terebrans elucidated novel stress-responsive metabolic modulations Journal of Proteomics 104447 2022 252 3.855 Y
68 ISHFAQ, M., A SHAHID, MR JAVED, M AFZAL, MA MEHMOOD* Land-free cultivation of Leptochloa fusca in the urban and industrial wastewaters produced a low-lignin biomass for bioethanol production. Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments 102305 2022 52 7.632 Y
69 ZAIDIAB NS, A SYAFIUDDIN, M SILLANPää, MB BAHRODIN, LZ ZHAN, A RATNASARI, A KADIER, MA MEHMOOD, R BOOPATHY Insights into the potential application of magnetic field in controlling sludge bulking and foaming: A review Bioresource Technology 127416 2022 358 11.88 Y
70 WANG N, T WU, D DU, J MEI, H LUO, Z LIU, MK SALEEMI, R ZHANG, C CHANG, MA MEHMOOD*, H ZHU Transcriptome and gut microbiota profiling revealed the protective effect of Tibetan tea on ulcerative colitis in mice Frontiers in Microbiology 748594 2022 12 6.064 Y
71 KHAN AZ, XQ ZHAO, FW BAI, SG MUSHARRAF, N AHMAD, MA MEHMOOD*, CG LIU. Evaluation of resource recovery potential of the Pseudoscillatoria coralii BERC01 under variable compositions of wastewater to produce biomass for algal biorefinery. Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments 102804 2022 54 7.632 Y
72 KHAN AZ, S MALIK, MA MEHMOOD, A SHAHID, XQ ZHAO, T SHAHZAD, FW BAI, CG LIU. A novel two-stage algal cultivation strategy for the sequential removal of primary sludge and pollutants from urban wastewater followed by the complete valorization of biomass to multiple bioproducts in a circular bioeconomy paradigm Energy Conversion and Management 116400 2022 273 11.53 Y
73 ASRAFUL MA, C WAN, DT TRAN, M MOFIJUR, SF AHMED, MA MEHMOOD, F SHAIK, DVN VO, J XU. Advances in microalgae binary culture for hyper biomass production, nutrients recycling, and efficient harvesting: A review. Environmental Chemistry Letters 1153-1168 2022 20 13.61 Y
74 HAIDER MN, C-G LIU, T. A. TABISH, D. BALAKRISHNAN, P-L SHOW, S. Y. A. QATTAN, M. GULL, MA MEHMOOD* Resource recovery of the wastewater-derived nutrients into algal biomass followed by its cascading processing to multiple products in a circular bioeconomy paradigm Fermentation 650 2022 8 5.123 Y
75 MALIK S, A SHAHID, MN HAIDER, M AMIN, MJ BETENBAUGH, MA MEHMOOD*, MA UL HAQ, A SYAFIUDDIN, R BOOPATHY Prospects of multiproduct algal biorefineries involving cascading processing of the biomass employing a zero-waste approach Current Pollution Reports 147-158 2022 8 8.097 Y
76 ASGHAR I, S YOUNUS, E ISLAM, S IQBAL, M AFZAL, R BOOPATHY, M AMIN, EJ JAMBI, MA MEHMOOD* A comparative study of the treatment efficiency of floating and constructed wetlands for the bioremediation of phenanthrene-contaminated water Applied Sciences 12122 2022 12 2.838 Y
77 RATNASARIA A, A SYAFIUDDIN, R BOOPATHY, S MALIK, MA MEHMOOD, R AMALIAE, DD PRASTYO, NS ZAIDI Advances in pretreatment technology for handling the palm oil mill effluent: challenges and prospects Bioresource Technology 126239 2022 344 11.88 Y
Sr Post Held Institute / Organization Duration Experience (Y/M/D)
Sr Country Funding Agency Duration (Y/M/D) Purpose
1 CHINA Chinese Government 0/0/17 Training and meetings with collaborators
2 CHINA Chinese Government 1/0/0 Visiting Researcher
3 CHINA Chinese Government 1/0/0 Post-Doc Studies at SJTU
4 CHINA Chinese Host 0/0/19 Visiting Professor
5 CANADA Canadian Host 0/0/7 Meetings with collaborators
6 CHINA Chinese host 0/0/5 Training, and research meetings with collaborators
7 MALAYSIA National Academy of Sciences, USA 0/0/5 Conference
8 CHINA Chinese Government 0/0/4 Conference
9 MALAYSIA Malaysian Collaborator 0/0/7 Meetings with collaborators at UPM
Sr Institute Certificate Year Attended Major Subject
1 Xiamen University, China VISITING RESEARCHER 2007-2008 Biotechnology
2 Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai, China POST-DOCTORATE 2016-2017 Biotechnology