Faculty Profile

Dr. Muhammad Azhar

Assistant Professor Political Science

Designation: Assistant Professor
Department: Political Science
Faculty: Arts & Social Sciences
Sr Degree Institute From To
Sr# Authors Paper Title Journal Page# Pub. Year Volume# Impact Factor HEC Rec. View
1 IMRAN KHAN, ALI SHAN SHAH & MUHAMMAD AZHAR Political Stability and Institionalization in Pakistan: An Overview of Major Plitical Devlopments During 2008-2016 Review of Economics and Developmnet Studies 33-40 2019 5 0 Y
2 MUHAMMAD AZHAR & AYAZ MUHAMMAD South Asia-Central Asia Inter-regional connectivity: The Future Perspective Central Asia 29-42 2018 77 0 Y
3 ABDUL BASIT KHAN, MUHAMMAD AZHAR & AYAZ MUHAMMAD The Reason of Violence in Balochistan: An Analytical Study of Various Uprisings The Dialouge 195-209 2018 13 0 Y
4 MUHAMMAD AZHAR & ABDUL BASIT KHAN Impartial Election Mangement Body: A Guarantee for Free and Fair Elections FWU Journal of Social sciences, 34-41 2018 2017 0 Y
5 MUHAMMAD AZHAR, OMAR FAROOQ ZAIN & MUHAMMAD ASIF The Impact of Income over Voting Behaviour in the South Punjab: An Empirical Study of Pakistan���s General Election 2008 Pakistan Journal of Social Sciences 341-354 2010 30 0 Y
6 MUHAMMAD AZHAR & AYAZ MUHAMMAD Electoral Performance of Religio-Political Parties in Pakistan: An Assessment Pakistan Journal of Islamic Research 35-50 2015 16 0 Y
7 MUHAMMAD AZHAR & AYAZ MUHAMMAD Educational Slabs and Vote for Political Parties: An Empirical Evidence of South Punjab (Pakistan Oriental Research Journal of Social Sciences, ORJSS 1-25 2016 1 0 Y
8 MUHAMMAD AZHAR & AYAZ MUHAMMAD Ethnic Fragmentation and Dynamics of Politics in Pakistan Journal of Political Studies 67-81 2017 24 0 Y
9 AZHAR, M. M., KHAN, A. B. AND BUKHARI, M. H A Comparative Analysis of Intra-party Democracy within the Major Political Parties of Pakistan, India and Bangladesh Review of Economics and Development Studies 355-364 2019 5 0 Y
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