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Dr. Muhammad Iqbal

Assistant Professor Environmental Sciences and Engineering

Name: Dr. Muhammad Iqbal
Designation: Assistant Professor
Department: Environmental Sciences and Engineering
Faculty: Engineering
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1 IQBAL, M., PUSCHENREITER, M*., WENZEL, W. W. Cadmium and Zn availability as affected by pH manipulation and its assessment by soil extraction, DGT and indicator plants. Science of the Total Environment 490-500 2012 416 5.589 Y
2 IQBAL, M., PUSCHENREITER, M*., OBURGER, E., SANTNER, J., WENZEL, W. W. Sulfur-aided phytoextraction of Cd and Zn by Salix smithiana combined with in situ metal immobilization by gravel sludge and red mud. Environmental pollution 222-231 2012 170 5.714 Y
3 ADREES, M., ALI, S., IQBAL, M., BHARWANA, S. A., SIDDIQI, Z., FARID, M. ALI, Q., SAEED, R., RIZWAN, M*. Mannitol alleviates chromium toxicity in wheat plants in relation to growth, yield, stimulation of anti-oxidative enzymes, oxidative stress and Cr uptake in sand and soil media Ecotoxicology and environmental safety 1-8 2015 122 4.527 Y
4 KHAN, W. U. D., RAMZANI, P. M. A., ANJUM, S., IQBAL, M*, YASAR, A., ZAHID, Z., NAVEED ANWAR, M., BAQAR, M Potential of miscanthus biochar to improve sandy soil health, in situ Ni immobilization in soil and nutritional quality of spinach Chemosphere 1144-1156 2017 185 5.108 Y
5 SHAHBAZ, A. K., IQBAL, M*., JABBAR, A., HUSSAIN, S., IBRAHIM, M. Assessment of nickel bioavailability through chemical extractants and red clover (Trifolium pratense L.) in an amended soil: Related changes in various parameters of red clover Ecotoxicology and environmental safety 116-127 2018 149 4.527 Y
6 JABEEN, N., ABBAS, Z*., IQBAL, M., RIZWAN, M., JABBAR, A., FARID, M., ALI, S., IBRAHIM, M. ABBAS, F. Glycinebetaine mediates chromium tolerance in mung bean through lowering of Cr uptake and improved antioxidant system. Archives of Agronomy and Soil Science 648-662 2015 62 2.137 Y
7 RAMZANI, P. M. A*., KHALID, M., ANJUM, S., KHAN, W. U. D., IQBAL, M., KAUSAR, S. Improving iron bioavailability and nutritional value of maize (Zea mays L.) in sulfur-treated calcareous soil. Archives of Agronomy and Soil Science 1255-1266 2017 63 2.137 Y
8 SHAHBAZ, A. K., LEWINSKA, K., IQBAL, J., ALI, Q., RAHMAN, M., IQBAL, M., ABBAS, F., TAUQEER, H.M., RAMZANI, P.M.A. Improvement in productivity, nutritional quality, and antioxidative defense mechanisms of sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) and maize (Zea mays L.) in nickel contaminated soil amended with different biochar and zeolite ratios Journal of Environmental Management 256-270 2018 15 4.865 Y
9 TURAN, V., RAMZANI, P. M. A., ALI, Q., ABBAS, F., IQBAL, M*. Alleviation of nickel toxicity and an improvement in zinc bioavailability in sunflower seed with chitosan and biochar application in pH adjusted nickel contaminated soil ARCHIVES OF AGRONOMY AND SOIL SCIENCE 1053-1067 2018 64 2.254 Y
10 AHMAD, R., ALI, S., HANNAN, F., RIZWAN, M*., IQBAL, M., HASSAN, Z. ABBAS, F. Promotive role of 5-aminolevulinic acid on chromium-induced morphological, photosynthetic, and oxidative changes in cauliflower (Brassica oleracea botrytis L.). Environmental Science and Pollution Research 8814-8824 2017 24 2.914 Y
11 RAMZANI, P.M.A., KHAN, W., IQBAL, M*., KAUSAR, S., ALI, S., RIZWAN, M., VIRK, Z.A. Effect of different amendments on rice (Oryza sativa L.) growth, yield, nutrient uptake and grain quality in Ni-contaminated soil Environmental Science and Pollution Research 18585-18595 2016 23 2.914 Y
12 RAMZANI, P. M. A., KHALID, M., ANJUM, S., ALI, S., HANNAN, F., IQBAL, M* Cost-effective enhanced iron bioavailability in rice grain grown on calcareous soil by sulfur mediation and its effect on heavy metals mineralization Environmental Science and Pollution Research 1219-1228 2017 24 2.914 Y
13 RAMZANI, P. M. A., SHAN, L., ANJUM, S., RONGGUI, H., IQBAL, M*., VIRK, Z. A., KAUSAR, S Improved quinoa growth, physiological response, and seed nutritional quality in three soils having different stresses by the application of acidified biochar and compost Plant Physiology and Biochemistry 127-138 2017 116 3.404 Y
14 RAMZANI, P. M. A*., MARK, S COYNE, ANJUM, S., KHAN, W. U. D., IQBAL, M In situ immobilization of Cd by organic amendments and their effect on antioxidant enzyme defense mechanisms in mung bean (Vigna radiata L.) seedlings Plant Physiology and Biochemistry 561-570 2017 118 3.404 Y
15 TURAN, V., KHAN, S. A., RAHMAN, M., IQBAL, M., RAMZANI, P. M. A., FATIMA, M. Promoting the productivity and quality of brinjal aligned with heavy metals immobilization in a wastewater irrigated heavy metal polluted soil with biochar and chitosan Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety 409-419 2018 161 4.527 Y
16 SHAHBAZ, A. K., RAMZANI, P. M. A., SAEED, R., TURAN, V., IQBAL, M., LEWI��SKA, K., FATIMA, M. Effects of biochar and zeolite soil amendments with foliar proline spray on nickel immobilization, nutritional quality and nickel concentrations in wheat Ecotoxicology and environmental safety 182-191 2019 173 4.527
17 TAUQEER, H.M., RAHMAN-UR-M., HUSSAIN, S., ABBAS, F., IQBAL, M The potential of an energy crop "Conocarpus erectus" for lead phytoextraction and phytostabilization of chromium, nickel, and cadmium: An excellent option for the management of multi-metal contaminated soils Ecotoxicology and environmental safety 273-284 2019 173 4.527
18 HAFEEZ, F., FARHEEN, H., MAHMOOD, F., SHAHZAD, T., SHAHID, M., IQBAL, M Isolation and characterization of a lead (Pb) tolerant Pseudomonas aeruginosa strain HF5 for decolorization of reactive red-120 and other azo dyes Annals of Microbiology 943-952 2018 68 1.431
19 LEWINSKA, K., KARCZEWSKA, A., SIEPAK, M., SZOPKA, K., GALKA, B., IQBAL, M Effects of waterlogging on the solubility of antimony and arsenic in variously treated shooting range soils Applied Geochemistry 7-16 2019 105 2.894
20 ZULQURNAIN HAIDER, M., HUSSAIN, S., MUHAMMAD ADNAN RAMZANI, P., IQBAL, M., IQBAL, M., SHAHZAD, T., & IBRAHIM, M. Bentonite and Biochar Mitigate Pb Toxicity in Pisum sativum by Reducing Plant Oxidative Stress and Pb Translocation Plants 571 2019 8 2.762 Y
21 KHAN, M. A., RAMZANI, P. M. A., ZUBAIR, M., RASOOL, B., KHAN, M. K., AHMED, A., & IQBAL, M* Associative effects of lignin-derived biochar and arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi applied to soil polluted from Pb-acid batteries effluents on barley grain safety Science of the total environment 136294 2020 710 6.551 Y
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