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Prof. Dr. Shafaqat Ali

Principal, College of Agri & Environmental Sciences Environmental Sciences

Name: Prof. Dr. Shafaqat Ali
Designation: Principal, College of Agri & Environmental Sciences
Department: Environmental Sciences
Faculty: Engineering
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1 HABIBA, U., ALI, S., FARID, M., SHAKOOR, M.B., RIZWAN, M., IBRAHIM, M., ABBASI, G.H., HAYAT, T., ALI, B. EDTA enhanced plant growth, antioxidant defense system, and phytoextraction of copper by Brassica napus L. Environmental Science Pollution Research, 1534-1544 2015 22 2.76 Y
2 RIZWAN, M., ALI, S., IBRAHIM, M., FARID, M., ADREES, M., BHARWANA, S.A., REHMAN, M.Z., QAYYUM, M.F., ABBAS, F. Mechanisms of silicon-mediated alleviation of drought and salt stress in plants: a review. Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 15416-15431 2015 22 2.76 Y
3 ABBASI, G.H., AKHTAR, J., ANWAR-UL-HAQ, M., MALIK, W., ALI, S., CHEN, Z., ZHANG, G. Morpho-physiological and micrographic characterization of Maize hybrids under NaCl and Cd stress. Plant Growth Regulation 115-122 2015 75 2.333 Y
4 ADREES, M., ALI, S., IQBAL, M., BHARWANA, S.A., SIDDIQI, Z., FARID, M., ALI, Q., SAEED, R., RIZWAN, M. Mannitol alleviates chromium toxicity in wheat plants in relation to growth, yield, stimulation of anti-oxidative enzymes, oxidative stress and Cr uptake in sand and soil media Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety 1-8 2015 122 3.13 Y
5 ALI, S., CHAUDHRY, A., RIZWAN, M., ANWAR, H.T., ADREES, M., FARID, M., IRSHAD, M.K., HAYAT, T., ANJUM, S.A. Alleviation of chromium toxicity by glycinebetaine is related to elevated antioxidant enzymes and suppressed chromium uptake and oxidative stress in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.). Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 10669-10678 2015 22 2.76 Y
6 ABBASI, G.H., AKHTAR, J., AHMAD, R., JAMIL, M., ANWAR-UL-HAQ, M., ALI, S., IJAZ, M. Potassium application mitigates salt stress differentially at different growth stages in tolerant and sensitive maize hybrids Plant Growth Regulation 111-125 2015 76 2.333 Y
7 AFSHAN, S., ALI, S., BHARWANA, S.A., RIZWAN, M., FARID, M., ABBAS, F., IBRAHIM, M., MEHMOOD, M.A., ABBASI, G.H. Citric acid enhances the phytoextraction of chromium, plantgrowth, and photosynthesis by alleviating the oxidative damages in Brassica napus L. Environmental Science and Pollution Research 11679-11689 2015 22 2.76 Y
8 ZAHEER, I.E., ALI, S., RIZWAN, M., FARID, M., SHAKOOR, M.B., GILL, R.A., NAJEEB, U., IQBAL, N., AHMAD, R. Citric acid assisted phytoremediation of copper by Brassica napus L Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety 310-317 2015 120 3.13 Y
9 NOMAN, A., ALI, S., NAHEED, F., ALI, Q., FARID, M., RIWAN, M., IRSHAD, M.K. Foliar application of ascorbate enhances the physiological and biochemical attributes of maize (Zea mays L.) cultivars under drought stress Archives of Agronomy and Soil Science 1659-1672 2015 61 1.118 Y
10 ALI, B., GILL, R.A., YANG, S., GILL, M.B., FAROOQ, M.A., LIU, D., DAUD, M.K., ALI, S., ZHOU, W. Regulation of cadmium-induced proteomic and metabolic changes by 5 aminolevulinic acid in leaves of Brassica napus L PLOS ONE, 12-14 2015 100 3.057 Y
11 NAJEEB, U., XU, L., ALI, S., IQBAL, N., ZHOU, W. Mat rush (Juncus effusus l.) trounces manganese toxicity through ultra-morphological modifications and manganese restriction in roots. Pakistan Journal of Botany 241-246 2015 47 .658 Y
12 ALI, B., DENG, X.Q., HU, Q., GILL, R.A., ALI, S., WANG, Z., ZHOU,W.J. Deteriorative effects of cadmium stress on antioxidant system and cellular observation in germinating seeds of Brassica napus L Journal of Agricultural Science and Technology 63-74 2015 17 .816 Y
13 RIZVI, H., AHMAD, N., ABBAS, F., BUKHARI, I.H., YASAR, A., ALI, S., YASMEEN, T., RIAZ, M. Start-up of UASB reactors treating municipal wastewater and e���ect of temperature/sludge age and hydraulic retention time (HRT) on its performances Arabian Journal of Chemistry, 780-786 2015 8 3.613 Y
14 ISLAM, F., YASMEEN, T., ALI, S., ALI, B., FAROOQ, M.A., GILL, R. A Priming-induced anti-oxidative responses in two wheat cultivars under saline stress. Acta Physilogia Plantarum 153-165 2015 37 1.563 Y
15 REHMAN, M.Z., RIZWAN, M., GHAFOOR, A., NAEEM, A., ALI, S., SABIR, M., QAYYUM, M.F. Effect of inorganic amendments for in situ stabilization of cadmium in contaminated soils and its phyto-availability to wheat and rice under rotation Environmental science and pollution research 16897-16906. 2015 22 2.76 Y
16 ADREES, M., ALI, S., RIZWAN, M., IBRAHIM, M., ABBAS, F., FARID, M., REHMAN, M.Z., IRSHAD, M.K., BHARWANA, S.A. The effect of excess copper on growth and physiology of important food crops: a review. Environmental science and pollution research 8148-8162 2015 22 2.76 Y
17 ANWAAR, S.A., ALI, S., ALI, S., ISHAQUE, W., FARID, M., FAROOQ, M.A., NAJEEB, U., ABBAS, F., SHARIF, M. Silicon (Si) alleviates cotton (gossypium hirsutum L.)from zinc (Zn) toxicity stress by limiting Zn uptake and oxidative damage Environmental Science Pollution Research 3441-3450 2015 22 2.76 Y
18 MAQBOOL, Z., ASGHAR, H.N., SHAHZAD, T., HUSSAIN, S., RIAZ, M., ALI, S., ARIF, M.S., MAQSOOD, M. Isolating, screening and applying chromium reducing bacteria to promote growth and yield of okra ( Hibiscus esculentus L.) in chromium contaminated soils. Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety 343-349 2015 114 3.13 Y
19 GILL, R.A., ZANG, L., ALI, B., FAROOQ, M.A., CUI, P., YANG, S., ALI, S., ZHOU, W. Chromium-induced physio-chemical and unltrastructural changes in four cultivars of Brassica napus L. Chemosphere 154-164 2015 120 3.698 Y
20 ASHRAF, M., SHAHZAD, S.M., ARIF, M.S., RIAZ, M., ALI, S., ABID, M. Effects of potassium sulfate on adaptability of sugarcane cultivars to salt stress under hydroponic conditions Journal of Plant Nutrition 2126-2138 2015 38 .51 Y
21 MEI, L., DAUD, M.K., ULLAH, N., ALI, S., KHAN, M., MALIK, Z., ZHU, S.J. Pretreatment with salicylic acid and ascorbic acid significantly mitigate oxidative stress induced by copper in cotton genotypes Environmental Science Pollution Research, 9922-9931 2015 22 2.76 Y
22 ADREES, M., ALI, S., RIZWAN, M., REHMAN, M., IBRAHIM, M., ABBAS, F., FARID, M., QAYYUM, M.F., IRSHAD, M.K Mechanisms of silicon-mediated alleviation of heavy metal toxicity in plants: A review. Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety 186���197. 2015 119 3.13 Y
23 ALI, S., BHARWANA, S.A., RIZWAN, M., FARID, M., KANWAL, S., ALI, Q., IBRAHIM, M., GILL, R.A., KHAN, M.D. Fulvic acid mediates chromium (Cr) tolerance in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) through lowering of Cr uptake and improved antioxidant defense system Environmental Science and Pollution Research 10601-10609 2015 22 2.76 Y
24 FAROOQ, M.A., LI, L., ALI, B., GILL, R.A., WANG, J., ALI, S., GILL, M.B., ZHOU, W. Oxidative injury and antioxidant enzymes regulation in arsenic-exposed seedlings of four Brassica napus L. cultivars. Environmental Science and Pollution Research 10699-10712 2015 22 2.76 Y
25 FARID, M., ALI, S., ISHAQUE, W., SHAKOOR, M.B., NIAZI, N.K., BIBI, I., DAWOOD, M., GILL, R.A., ABBAS, F. Exogenous application of ethylenediamminetetraacetic acid enhanced phytoremediation of cadmium by Brassica napus L. International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology 3981-3992 2015 12 .816 Y
26 KHALIQ, A., ALI, S., HAMEED, A., FAROOQ, M.A., FARID, M., SHAKOOR, M.B., MAHMOOD, K., ISHAQUE, W., RIZWAN, M Silicon alleviates nickel toxicity in cotton seedlings through enhancing growth, photosynthesis and suppressing Ni uptake and oxidative stress Archives of Agronomy and Soil Science, 633-647 2016 62 1.118 Y
27 FAROOQ, M.A., GILL, R.A., ALI, B., WANG, J., ISLAM, F., ALI, S., ZHOU, W Subcellular distribution, modulation of antioxidant and stress-related genes response to arsenic in Brassica napus L Ecotoxicology 350-366 2016 25 2.329 Y
28 ISLAM, F., YASMEEN, T., ALI, Q., MUBIN, M., ALI, S., ARIF, M.S., HUSSAIN, S., RIAZ, M., ABBAS, F Copper-resistant bacteria reduces oxidative stress and uptake of copper in lentil plants: potential for bacterial bioremediation Environmental Science and Pollution Research 220-233 2016 23 2.76 Y
29 TAUQEER, H.M., ALI, S., RIZWAN, M., ALI, Q., SAEED, R., IFTIKHAR, U., AHMAD, R., FARID, M., ABBASI, G.H. Phytoremediation of heavy metals by Alternanthera bettzickiana: Growth and physiological response Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety 138-146 2016 126 3.13 Y
30 ALI, S., RIZWAN, M., ULLAH, N., BHARWANA, S.A., WASEEM, M., FAROOQ, M.A., ABBASI, G.H., FARID, M. Physiological and biochemical mechanisms of silicon-induced copper stress tolerance in cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) Acta Physilogia Plantarum 262-270 2016 38 1.563 Y
31 ARSHAD, M., ALI, S., NOMAN, A., ALI, Q., RIWAN, M., FARID, M., IRSHAD, M.K Phosphorus amendment decreased cadmium (Cd) uptake and ameliorates chlorophyll contents, gas exchange attributes, antioxidants and mineral nutrients in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) under Cd stress. 62, 533���546. Archives of Agronomy and Soil Science 533-543 2016 62 1.118 Y
32 ABID, M., NIAZI, N.K., BIBI, I., FAROOQI, A., OK, Y.S., KUNHIKRISHNAN, A., ALI, F., ALI, S., IGALAVITHANA, A.D., ARSHAD, M. Arsenic (V) biosorption by charred orange peel in aqueous environments International Journal of Phytoremediation, 442-449 2016 18 2.085 Y
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38 ADRESS, M., IBRAHIM, M., SHAH, A.M., ABBAS, F., SALEEM, F., RIZWAN, M., HINA, S., JABEEN, F., ALI, S Gaseous pollutants from brick kiln industry decreased the growth, photosynthesis, and yield of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 267-276 2016 188 1.633 Y
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47 ABBASI, G.H., IJAZ, M., AKHTAR, J., ANWAR-UL-HAQ, M., JAMIL, M., ALI, S., AHMAD, R., KHAN, H.N Profiling of anti-oxidative enzymes and lipid peroxidation in leaves of salt tolerant and salt sensitive maize hybrids under NaCl and Cd stress Sains Malaysiana 177-184 2016 45 .35 Y
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49 GILL, S.S., MEHMOOD, M.A., AHMAD, N., IBRAHIM, M., RASHID, U., ALI, S., NEHDI, I.A. Strain selection, growth productivity and biomass characterization of novel microalgae isolated from fresh and wastewaters of upper Punjab, Pakistan. Frontiers in Life Science 190-200 2016 9 .864 Y
50 RIZWAN, M., ALI, S., ABBAS , T., REHMAN, M.Z., HANNAN, F., KELLER, C., WABEL, M.I., OK, Y. S Cadmium minimization in wheat: A critical review Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety 43-53 2016 130 3.13 Y
51 ISLAM, F., YASMEEN, T., ARIF, M.S., ALI,S., ALI, B., HAMEED, S., ZHOU, W Plant growth promoting bacteria confer salt tolerance in Vigna radiate by up-regulating antioxidant defense and biological soil fertility Plant Growth Regulation 23-36 2016 80 2.333 Y
52 JABEEN, N., ABBAS, Z., IQBAL, M., RIZWAN, M., JABBAR, A., FARID, M., ALI, S., IBRAHIM, M., ABBAS, F Glycinebetaine mediates chromium tolerance in mung bean through lowering of Cr uptake and improved antioxidant system Archives of Agronomy and Soil Science 648-662 2016 62 1.118 Y
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