Faculty Profile

Dr. Shahzad Ali Shahid Chatha

Associate Professor Chemistry

Name: Dr. Shahzad Ali Shahid Chatha
Designation: Associate Professor
Department: Chemistry
Faculty: Physical Science
Sr Degree Institute From To
1 Postdoctorate The University of Western Ontario, Canada 2015 2016
2 Ph.D University of Agriculture, Faisalabad 2006 2011
3 M.Phil Or MS University of Agriculture, Faisalabad 2004 2006
4 Master Or Equivalent University of Agriculture, Faisalabad 2002 2004
Sr# Authors Paper Title Journal Page# Pub. Year Volume# Impact Factor HEC Rec. View
1 CHATHA, S.A.S., ASGHER, M., ALI, S. AND HUSSAIN, A.I. Biological color stripping: A novel technology for removal of dye from cellulose fibers Carbohydrate Polymers 1476-1481 2012 87 3.479 Y
2 R. AKHTAR, M. YOUSAF, S.A.R NAQVI, M. IRFAN, A.F. ZAHOOR, A.I. HUSSAIN & S.A.S. CHATHA Synthesis of ciprofloxacin-based compounds: A review Synthetic Communications 1849-1879 2016 46 1.065 Y
3 M.U. ARSHAD , S. ISHTIAQ , F.M. ANJUM , F. SAEED, S.A.S. CHATHA AND A. IMRAN Acute effects of different dietary polysaccharides added in milk on food intake, postprandial appetite and glycemic responses in healthy young females International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition 715-722 2016 67 1.451 Y
4 S.A.S. CHATHA, A.I. HUSSAIN, S. ALI, M.J SAIF, A.I. MALLHI, M. SAGIR, M.Y. NAZ Significance of chitosan to improve the substantivity of reactive dyes Journal of the Chilean Chemical Society 2852-2854 2016 61 .329 Y
5 A. AHMED, M.U. ARSHAD, F. SAEED, R.S. AHMED AND S.A. S. CHATHA Nutritional Probing and HPLC Profiling of Roasted Date Pit Powder Pakistan Journal of Nutrition 229-237 2016 15 0 Y
6 S. ALI, S.A.S CHATHA, Q ALI, A.I. HUSSAIN, S.M. HUSSAIN AND R. PARVEEN Oxidative Stability of Cooking Oil Blend Stabilized with Leaf Extract of Eucalyptus citriodora International Journal Food Properties 1556-1565 2016 19 1.586 Y
7 M. MAJEED, A.I. HUSSAIN, S.A.S. CHATHA, M. K.K. KHOSA, G.M. KAMAL*, M.A. KAMAL, XU ZHANG AND M. LIU Optimization protocol for the extraction of antioxidant components from Origanum vulgare leaves using response surface methodology Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences 389-396 2016 23 1.312 Y
8 H. RIAZ, S.A.S. CHATHA*, A.I. HUSSAIN, S.A. BUKHARI, S.M. HUSSAIN AND KASHIF ZAFAR Physico - chemical characterization of bitter apple (C itrullus colosynthis ) seed oil and seed residue International Journal of Biosciences 283 - 292 2015 6 0 Y
9 M. NOOR, M.A. SHAHID*, S.A.S. CHATHA, S. YASEEN Comparative study of renal clearance of Cefaclor and creatinine in male volunteers International Journal of Chemical and Biochemical Science 15-22 2015 7 0 N
10 M.J. SAIF, K.M. ZIA, F. REHMAN, M. USMAN, A.I. HUSSAIN, S.A.S. CHATHA Removal of heavy metals by adsorption onto activated carbon derived from pine cones of Pinus roxburghii Water Environment Research 291-297 2015 87 .865 Y
11 S.A.S. CHATHA, S. KIRAN, T. GULZAR, S. KAMAL, A. GHAFFAR, M.N. CHATHA Comparative study on decolorization and mineralization of synthetic and real textile effluents using advanced oxidation process Oxidation Communications 1604-1614 2016 39 .489 Y
12 S.M. HUSSAIN, M. AFZAL, A. JAVID, A.I. HUSSAIN, Q. ALI, I. MUSTAFA, S.A.S. CHATHA, S.Z.H. SHAH, M. HUSSAIN AND M.I. ULLAH Efficacy of Phytase supplementation on growth performance and mineral digestibility of Labeo rohita fingerlings fed on cottonseed meal based diet Pakistan Journal of Zoology 699-709 2015 47 .404 Y
13 HUSSAIN, A. I. CHATHA, S.A.S. NOOR, S. ARSHAD, M. U., ALI, Z., RATHORE, H. A. AND SATTAR, M. Z. A Effect of extraction techniques and solvent systems for the extraction of antioxidant components from peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) hulls Food Analytical Methods 890-896 2012 5 1.969 Y
14 ANWAR F., CHATHA S.A.S. AND HUSSAIN A.I. Assessment of oxidative deterioration of soybean oil at ambient and sunlight storage Grasas Y Aceites 390-395 2007 58 .319 Y
15 H.N. BHATTI, S.A.S. CHATHA AND I.H. BUKHARI Variations in oil potential and chemical composition of Eucalyptus crebra among the different districts of Punjab-Pakistan International Journal of Agriculture and Biology 136-138 2007 1 0 Y
16 S. ALI, R. NADEEM, H.N. BHATTI*, S.A.S. CHATHA AND M. MUNEER Analysis and treatment of textile effluents International Journal of Agriculture and Biology 641-644 2006 5 0 Y
17 SULTANA B., F. ANWAR, M.R. ASI AND S.A.S. CHATHA Antioxidant potential of extracts of different agro wastes: stabilization of corn oil Grasas y Aceites 203-215 2008 59 .463 Y
18 M. HUSSAN, S. A. S. CHATHA*, I. TAHIRA AND B. HUSSAIN Total lipids and fatty acid profile in liver of wild and farmed catla catla fish Grasas y Aceites 52-57 2010 61 .748 Y
19 HUSSAIN, A.I., ANWAR F., CHATHA, S.A.S., JABBAR, A., MAHBOOB, S. AND NIGAM, P.S Rosmarinus officinalis essential oil: Antiproliferative, antioxidant and antibacterial activities Brazilian journal of Microbiology 1070-1078 2010 41 .632 Y
20 M. PERVAIZ, M. YOUSAF, M. SAGIR, M.Y. NAZ, M. MUSHTAQ, S. ULLAH AND S.A.S. CHATHA Novel preparation and spectral investigation of monometallic transition metal Schiff base complexes (Zn, Cu, Mn, Co) as bacteria and fungus inhibitors. Main Group Metal Chemistry 129-145 2014 13 .561 Y
21 S.A.S. CHATHA*, A.I. MALLHI, A.I. HUSSAIN, M. ASGHER AND P.S. NIGAM A biological approach for colour-stripping of cotton fabric dyed with C.I. Reactive Black 5 using fungal enzymes from solid state fermentation Current Biotechnology 1-8 2014 3 0 N
22 S.A.S. CHATHA, A.I. HUSSAIN, R. ASAD, M. MAJEED AND N. ASLAM Bioactive components and antioxidant properties of Terminalia arjuna L. extracts Journal of Food Processing and Technology 1-5 2014 5 0 N
23 S.A.S CHATHA, M.U. ARSHAD, W. ARSHAD, A.I. HUSSAIN, M.J. SAIF AND M. MAJEED Effect of extraction regimes on antioxidant potential of rice (Oryza sativa) bran extracts Journal of the Chemical Society of Pakistan 1290-1294 2012 34 0 Y
24 S.A.S. CHATHA, F. ANWAR, M. MANZOOR AND J.R. BAJWA Evaluation of antioxidant activity of rice bran extracts using different antioxidant assays Grasas y Aceites 328-335 2006 57 .882 Y
25 T.H. BOKHARI*, M.A. ASLAM, S. HINA, N.B. RIZVI, N. RASOOL, M.J. SAIF, M. ZUBAIR, A.I. HUSSAIN, S.A.S. CHATHA, M. RIAZ Mineral composition, phenolic profile, antioxidant and antimicrobial activities of Corchorus depressus roots extracts. Bulgarian Chemical Communications 788 -794 2014 46 .201 Y
26 M. ZUBAIR, F. ANWAR, M. ASHRAF, A. ASHRAF AND S.A.S. CHATHA Effect of green and farmyard manure on carbohydrates dynamics of salt-affected soil Journal of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition 497-510 2012 12 .779 Y
27 S. KIRAN, S. ALI, M. ASGHER AND S.A. SHAHID Photo-fenton process: Optimization and decolourization and mineralization of reactive blue 222 dye Journal of Environmental Science and Water Resources 267-275 2012 1 0 Y
28 Z. IQBAL, H.N. BHATTI, I.N. AHMAD AND S.A.S. CHATHA Content and compositional variation in the essential oil of different Eucalyptus globulus trees from Faisalabad, Pakistan Journal of the Chemical Society of Pakistan 397-400 2006 28 .345 Y
29 CHATHA, S.A.S., HUSSAIN A.I., BAJWA J. AND SAGIR M. Antioxidant activity of different solvent extracts of rice bran at accelerated storage of sunflower oil Journal of Food Lipids 424-433 2006 13 1.273 Y
30 A.I. HUSSAIN, H.A. RATHORE, M.Z.A. SATTAR, S.A.S. CHATHA, S.D. SARKER AND A.H. GILLANI Citrullus colocynthis (L.) Schrad (bitter apple fruit): A review of its phytochemistry, pharmacology, traditional uses and nutritional potential Journal of Ethnopharmacology 54-66 2014 155 2.998 Y
31 M. J. SAIF*, S.A.S. CHATHA, MATLOOB AHAMAD AND ASIM MANSHA Efficient, one-pot synthesis of 14-aryl-14H-dibenzo[a,j]xanthenes in aqueous medium catalysed by bis-piperidinium compounds AFINIDAD LXX 139-141 2013 562 .106 Y
32 CHATHA, S.A.S., HUSSAIN, A.I., ASI, M.R., MAJEED, M. AND IQBAL, H.M.N Evaluation of antioxidant potential of citrus peel extracts Journal of the Chemical Society of Pakistan 863-867 2011 33 1.377 Y
33 Z. HUSSAIN, Z.A. KHAN*, S.A.R NAQVI,S.A. SHAHZAD, M. YAR, A.I. HUSSAIN, S.A.S. CHATHA, N. MAHMOOD AND K.M. KHAN Facile synthesis and herbicidal evaluation of 2-Aryl-4H-3, 1-benzoxazin-4-ones Journal of the Chemical Society of Pakistan 449-455 2013 35 .612 Y
34 KHOSA, M..K., CHATHA, S.A.S., RIAZ, H. AND HUSSAIN, A.I. Spectrophotometric Quantification of Antioxidant Phytochemicals in Juices from Four Different Varieties of Citrus limon, Indigenous to Pakistan Journal of the Chemical Society of Pakistan 188-192 2011 33 1.377 Y
35 KHOSA*, M.K., S.A.S. CHATHA, M. NISAR, K.M. ZIA AND K.U. REHMAN Synthesis, spectral investigation (1H, 13C) of new (N, O and S based) schiff bases and evaluation of their antimicrobial activities Journal of the Chemical Society of Pakistan 421-425 2011 33 1.377 Y
36 CHATHA, S.A.S., HUSSAIN, A.I., ZUBAIR, M AND KHOSA, M.K Analytical characterization of rice (Oryza sativa) bran and bran oil from different agro-ecological regions. Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Science 257-263 2011 48 0 Y
37 A.I. HUSSAINA*, S.A.S CHATHA**, T. IQBAL, S. LATIF, M.U. ARSHAD, A.F. ZAHOOR AND S. AFZAL Comparative study of different cooking methods on nutritional attributes and fatty acid profile of chicken meat Journal of the Chemical Society of Pakistan 678-684 2013 35 .612 Y
38 S.A.S. CHATHA, S. ALI, M. ASGHER AND H.N. BHATTI Investigation of the potential of microbial stripping of dyed cotton fabric using white rot fungi Textile Research Journal 1762-1771 2011 81 1.122 Y
39 CHATHA, S.A.S., HUSSAIN, A.I., BAJWA, J.R. AND SHERAZI, S.T.H Wheat bran extract: A potent source of natural antioxidants for the stabilization of canola oil. Grasas Y Aceties 190-197 2011 62 1.138 Y
40 T. IQBAL, A.I. HUSSAINA*, S.A.S CHATHA AND S.A.R. NAQVI AND T. H. BOKHARI Antioxidant activity and volatile and phenolic profiles of essential oil and different extracts of wild mint (Mentha longifolia) from the Pakistani flora Journal of Analytical Methods in Chemistry 1-6 2013 2013 .948 Y
41 HUSSAIN, A.I., ANWAR, F., CHATHA, S.A.S., LATIF, S., SHERAZI, A.T.H., AHMAD, A. AND SARKER, S. D. Chemical composition and bioactive studies of the essential oils from two Thymus species from the Pakistani flora LWT: Food Science and Technology 185-192 2013 50 2.468 Y
42 A.I. HUSSAIN, H.A. RATHORE, M.Z.A. SATTAR, S.A.S. CHATHA, F. AHMAD, A. AHMAD, E.J. JOHNS Phenolic profile and antioxidant activity of various extracts from Citrullus colocynthis (L.) from the Pakistani flora Industrial Crops and Products 416-422 2013 45 3.208 Y
43 M. YOUSAF, K.G. ALI, S.A.S. CHATHA, H.B. AHMAD, AND K.M. KHAN Polymerization of methylmethacrylate by tridentate schiff base derivative of indenyl and cyclooctatetraenyl lantheniod complexes along with Al(i-Bu)3 catalytic system Journal of the Chemical Society of Pakistan 255-259 2011 33 1.377 Y
44 M.A. AYUB, A.I. HUSSAIN, M.A. HANIF, S.A.S. CHATHA, G.M. KAMAL, M. SHAHID, O. JANNEH Variation in phenolic profile, b-carotene and flavonoid contents, biological activities of two Tagetes species from Pakistani flora Chemistry and Biodiversity 1-8 2017 14 1.44 Y
45 F. ANJUM, S.A. BUKHARI*, M.M.A. TALPUR, S.A.S. CHATHA, AND T. PIRZADA Bioavailability of aluminum from black shale using acidic metabolites of heterotrophs Journal of the Chemical Society of Pakistan 885-8895 2017 39 .327 Y
46 M.K. DAUD, M. NAFEES, S. ALI, M. RIZWAN, R.A. BAJWA, M.B. SHAKOOR, M.U. ARSHAD, S.A.S. CHATHA, F. DEEBA, W. MURAD, I. MALOOK, S.J. ZHU Drinking water quality status and contamination in Pakistan: A Review BioMed Research International 1-18 2017 7908183 2.476 Y
47 N.A. FAISAL, S.A.S. CHATHA*, A.I. HUSSAIN, M. IKRAM AND S.A. BUKHARI Liaison of phenolic acids and biological activity of escalating cultivars of Daucus carota International Journal of Food Properties 2782-2792 2017 20 1.427 Y
48 S.A.S. CHATHA, M. ASGHER AND H.M.N. IQBAL Enzyme-based solutions for textile processing and dye contaminants bio-degradation - A review Environmental Science and Pollution Research 14005-14018 2017 24 2.741 Y
49 R. HUSSAIN, A.I. HUSSAIN, S.A.S. CHATHA, A. MANSHA, K. AYUB, Density functional theory study of geometric and electronic properties of full range of bimetallic AgnYm (n + m ="" 10) clusters. Journal of Alloys and Compounds 232-246 2017 705 3.133 Y
50 AI HUSSAIN, SAS CHATHA, GM KAMAL, MA ALI, MA HANIF AND MI LAZHARI, Chemical Composition and Biological Activities of Essential Oil and Extracts from Ocimum sanctum International Journal of Food Properties 1569-1581 2017 20 1.427 Y
51 B. HASSAN, S.A.S. CHATHA*, A.I. HUSSAIN, K.M. ZIA AND N. AKHTAR Recent advances on polysaccharides, lipids and protein based edible films and coatings: A review International Journal of Biological Macromolecules 1095-1107 2018 109 3.909 Y
52 M. U. HANIF, A. I. HUSSAIN*, S.A.S. CHATHA, G. M. KAMAL*, T. AHMAD Variation in composition and bioactivities of essential oil from leaves of two different cultivars of Psidium guajava L. Journal of Essential Oil Bearing Plants 65-76 2018 21 .493 Y
53 S.TABASUM, A. NOREEN, M.F. MAQSOOD, H. UMAR, N. AKRAM, ZILL-I-HUMA NAZLI, S.A.S. CHATHA AND K.M. ZIA A review on versatile applications of blends and composites of pullulan with natural and synthetic polymers International Journal of Biological Macromolecules 603-632 2018 120 3.909 Y
54 K. AYUB, A.I. HUSSAIN, R. HUSSAIN, S.A.S. CHATHA, M. U. HANIF Density functional theory and surface reactivity study of bimetallic AgnYm (n+m ="" 10) clusters Solid State Sciences 46-64 2018 80 1.811 Y
55 A. HUSSAIN, S. ALI, M. RIZWAN, M. ZIA UR REHMAN, M.R. JAVED, M. IMRAN, S.A.S. CHATHA AND R. NAZIR Zinc oxide nanoparticles alter the wheat physiological response and reduce the cadmium uptake by plants Environmental Pollution 1518-1526 2018 242 4.358 Y
56 M. RIZWAN*, S. ALI, M. ZIA UR REHMAN, M. ADREES, M. ARSHAD, M. F. QAYYUM, L. ALI, A. HUSSAIN, S.A.S. CHATHA, M. IMRAN Alleviation of cadmium accumulation in maize (Zea mays L.) by foliar spray of zinc oxide nanoparticles and biochar to contaminated soil Environmental Pollution 357-367 2019 248 4.358 Y
57 T. HUSSAIN, S.A.S. CHATHA, M. ARSHAD, A. I. HUSSAIN AND A. ALI. Geopolymerization of raw fly ash to sodium zeolites for sequestration of As (III) in aqueous medium Indian Journal of Science and Technology, 12(37): 1-10. 1-10 2019 12 0 Y
58 N. RIZWAN, A. I. HUSSAIN, S. M. HUSSAIN, M. A. ZAEEM, & S.A.S. CHATHA* Investigation of low formaldehyde easy-care textile finishes on dyed cotton fabric Journal of the Chemical Society of Pakistan 975-982 2019 41 .327 Y
59 M. MAJEED, Q. ALI, S.A.S. CHATHA, A. I. HUSSAIN, G. M. KAMAL, N. A. FAISAL Growth stage effect on proximate composition, minerals and sugar profile of the aerial parts of some candidate cultivars of mung bean (Vigna radiata L. Wilczek) International Journal of Biosciences 444-456 2019 14 0 Y
60 S.A.S. CHATHA, M. ASGHER, R. ASGHER, A. I. HUSSAIN, Y. IQBAL, S. M. HUSSAIN, M. BILAL, F. SALEEM, AND H. M. N. IQBAL Environmentally responsive and anti-bugs textile finishes - recent trends, challenges, and future perspectives Science of the Total Environment 667-682 2019 690 5.589 Y
61 A.I. MALLHI, S.A.S. CHATHA, S. ALI*, T. GULZAR, M. RIZWAN, M. Z. REHMAN*, M. Z. SHAHID, M. A. AYUB AND Z. I. MALLHI Glutathione alleviates chromium stress in Helianthus annuus L.iIrrigated with tannery wastewater International Journal of Agriculture & Biology 1376-1384 2019 22 .902 Y
62 M. MAJEED, A. I. HUSSAIN, S.A.S. CHATHA*, G. M. KAMAL, Q. ALI Discrimination of mungbean cultivars/varieties based on minor saccharides composition by HPLC coupled with multivariate statistical analysis Journal of the Chemical Society of Pakistan 418-428 2020 24 .3 Y
63 M. U. HANIF, A. I. HUSSAIN, G. M. KAMAL, S.A.S. CHATHA, S. SHABNAM, M. KHALID, R. HUSSAIN AND N. AFZAL Chemical composition and bioactivity of the essential oil from leaves of Syzygium cumini (L.) skeels native to Punjab, Pakistan Chemistry and Biodiversity 1-10 2020 17 2.039 Y
64 M. FIAYAZ, K.M. ZIA, M.A. JAVAID, S. REHMAN, S.A.S. CHATHA AND M. ZUBER Synthesis and characterization of hydroxyethyl cellulose (HEC)-TiO2-based polyurethane bionanocomposites. Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering, 37(12) 2351-2358 2020 37 2.69 Y
65 S. HUSSAIN, R. HUSSAIN, M. Y. MEHBOOB, S.A.S. CHATHA, A. I. HUSSAIN, U.A. KHAN, M. USMAN, M. AHMAD, M. ADNAN AND K. AYUB* Adsorption of phosgene gas on pristine and copper decorated B12N12 nanocages: A comparative DFT study. ACS Omega, 5, ACS Omega 7641-7650. 2020 5 2.87 Y
66 M. MAJEED, A.I. HUSSAIN*, H. ANWAR, S. IRFAN, S.A.S. CHATHA, Q. ALI, I. MUKHTAR, Z. HAFEEZ Hepatoprotective effect of desi and kabuli cultivars of Cicer arietinum L. (chick peas) against carbon tetrachloride-induced toxicity in rats . Tropical Journal of Pharmaceutical Research 609-615 2020 19 .504 Y
67 S. HUSSAIN, S.A.S. CHATHA, A. I. HUSSAIN, R. HUSSAIN, M. Y. MEHBOOB, T. GULZAR, A. MANSHA, N. SHAHZAD AND K. AYUB* Designing Novel Zn decorated Inorganic B12P12 Nanoclusters with promising electronic properties. A step forward towards efficient CO2 sensing materials. ACS Omega 15547-15556 2020 5 2.87
68 M. ADREES, Z. S. KHAN, S. ALI, M. HAFEEZ, S. KHALID, M. Z. REHMAN, A. HUSSAIN, K. HUSSAIN, S.A.S. CHATHA AND M. RIZWAN* Simultaneous mitigation of cadmium and drought stress in wheat by the soil application of iron nanoparticles , Chemosphere, 238: 1-9. 1-9 2020 238 5.778 Y
69 S. HUSSAIN, S.A.S. CHATHA, A. I. HUSSAIN, R. HUSSAIN, M. Y. MEHBOOB, K. AYUB* Zinc doped boron phosphide nanocluster as efficient sensor for SO2. Journal of Chemistry. Article No. 2629596, 1-12. 1-12 2020 2020 1.79 Y
70 A.I. MALLHI, S.A.S. CHATHA, A.I. HUSSAIN, M. RIZWAN, S.A.H. BUKHARI, A. HUSSAIN, Z.I. MALLHI, S. ALI *, A. HASHEM, E.F. ABD_ALLAH, M.N. ALYEMENI, P. AHMAD Citric Acid assisted phytoremediation of chromium through sunflower irrigated with tanneries wastewater. Plants 380-393 2020 9 2.762
Sr Post Held Institute / Organization Duration Experience (Y/M/D)
1 Associate Professor Government College University Faisalabad 2017- 0/0/0
2 Assistant Professor Government College University Faisalabad 2012-2017 4/10/16
3 Lecturer Government College University Faisalabad 2008-2012 4/1/1
4 Lecturer (Contract) Government College University Faisalabad 2006-2008 2/2/8
Sr Country Funding Agency Duration (Y/M/D) Purpose
1 CANADA UWO, Canada 1/3/0 Postdoctorate
2 UNITED KINGDOM (UK) HEC 0/1/0 Research collaboration
3 MALAYSIA HEC 0/0/5 Presentation in a conference
4 UNITED ARAB EMIRATES HEC 0/0/5 Keynote Lecture in Conference
Sr Institute Certificate Year Attended Major Subject
1 Government College University, Faisalabad CERTIFICATE 2008-2008 Instructional Techniques
2 Government College University, Faisalabad CERTIFICATE 2011-2011 Professional Competency Enhancement Program for Teachers
3 NIBGE Faisalabad CERIFICATE 2011-2011 Five days workshop on LCMS, GCMS & AAS: The powerful analytical techniques
4 Government College University, Faisalabad CERTIFICATE 2011-2011 Quality Assurance Mechanism in Higher Education
5 Government College University, Faisalabad CERTIFICATE 2012-2013 Two Days Workshop on Water Pollution and its Mitigation
6 COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Islamabad CERTIFICATE 2013-2013 Biomedical Materials Workshop
7 The University of Western Ontario, Canada CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION 2016-2016 Safe Campus Community- Preventing Harassment, Violence and Domestic Violence
8 The University of Western Ontario, Canada CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION 2016-2016 Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System
9 The University of Western Ontario, Canada CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION 2016-2016 Supervisor Health and Safety Awareness
10 The University of Western Ontario, Canada CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION 2016-2016 Accessibility at Western (AODA)- Accessibility in Service