Faculty Profile

Dr. Syed Haroon Khalid

Assistant Professor Pharmaceutics

Name: Dr. Syed Haroon Khalid
Designation: Assistant Professor
Department: Pharmaceutics
Faculty: Pharmaceutical Sciences
Sr Degree Institute From To
1 Ph.D Other University 2010 2015
Sr# Authors Paper Title Journal Page# Pub. Year Volume# Impact Factor HEC Rec. View
1 HAROON KHALID SYED, MUHAMMAD ADNAN IQBAL, ROSENANI A. HAQUE & KOK-KHIANG PEH Synthesis, characterization and antibacterial activity of a curcumin???silver(I) complex Journal of Coordination Chemistry 1088-1100 2015 68 1.756 Y
2 HAROON KHALID SYED, KAI BIN LIEW, GABRIEL ONN KIT LOH AND KOK KHIANG PEH Stability indicating HPLC���UV method for detection of curcumin in Curcuma longa extract and emulsion formulation Food chemistry 321-326 2015 170 4.052 Y
3 RABIA MUNIR, HAROON KHALID SYED*, SAJID ASGHAR, IKRAM ULLAH KHAN, AKHTAR RASUL, MUHAMMAD IRFAN AND AMMARA SADIQUE Microemulsion: promising and novel system for drug delivery Journal of Toxicological & Pharmaceutical Sciences 128-134 2017 2 0
4 HAROON KHALID SYED* AND KOK-KHIANG PEH. Comparison of antibacterial activity of curcumin and solubility-enhanced curcumin in microemulsion formulation Latin American Journal of Pharmacy 1468-77 2018 37 .401 Y
5 RIFFAT RIAZ, HAROON KHALID SYED*, SAJID ASGHAR, MUHAMMAD IRFAN, IKRAM ULLAH KHAN AND AKHTAR RASUL. Solubility enhancement of a water insoluble drug: Betacyclodextrin (��CD) and PEG 6000 Latin American Journal of Pharmacy, 987-94 2018 37 .401
6 AMMARA SADIQUE, SYED HAROON KHALID *, SAJID ASGHAR, MUHAMMAD IRFAN, IKRAM ULLAH KHAN, AKHTAR RASUL, MUHAMMAD IMRAN QADIR, & KHIZAR ABBAS * Miconazole nitrate microemulsion: Preparation, characterization and evaluation for enhancement of antifungal activity Latin Maerican Journal of Pharmacy 1578-86 2018 37 .401 Y
Sr Post Held Institute / Organization Duration Experience (Y/M/D)
Sr Country Funding Agency Duration (Y/M/D) Purpose
1 MALAYSIA Self 5/0/0 For PhD studies
Sr Institute Certificate Year Attended Major Subject