Faculty Profile

Dr. Tanvir Shahzad

Assistant Professor Environmental Sciences and Engineering

Name: Dr. Tanvir Shahzad
Designation: Assistant Professor
Department: Environmental Sciences and Engineering
Faculty: Physical Science
Sr Degree Institute From To
Sr# Authors Paper Title Journal Page# Pub. Year Volume# Impact Factor HEC Rec. View
1 T SHAHZAD, C CHENU, P GENET, S BAROT, N PERVEEN, C MOUGIN, S FONTAINE Contribution of exudates, arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and litter depositions to the rhizosphere priming effect induced by grassland species Soil Biology and Biochemistry 146-155 2015 80 4.14 Y
2 ZAHID MAQBOOL, , HAFIZ NAEEM ASGHAR, TANVIR SHAHZAD, SABIR HUSSAIN, MUHAMMAD RIAZ, SHAFAQAT ALI, MUHAMMAD SALEEM ARIF, MARIUM MAQSOOD Isolating, screening and applying chromium reducing bacteria to promote growth and yield of okra (Hibiscus esculentus L.) in chromium contaminated soils Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety 343-349 2015 114 3.13 N
3 NAJME, RABIA; HUSSAIN, SABIR; MAQBOOL, ZAHID; IMRAN, MUHAMMAD; MAHMOOD, FAISAL; MANZOOR, HAMID; YASMEEN, TAHIRA; SHAHZAD, TANVIR Biodecolorization of Reactive Yellow-2 by Serratia sp. RN34 Isolated from Textile Wastewater Water Environment Research 2065-2075 2015 87 .8 Y
4 MUHAMMAD IMTIAZ RASHID, TANVIR SHAHZAD, MUHAMMAD SHAHID, MUHAMMAD IMRAN, JEYAKUMAR DHAVAMANI, IQBAL MI ISMAIL, JALAL M BASAHI, TALAL ALMEELBI Toxicity of iron oxide nanoparticles to grass litter decomposition in a sandy soil Scientific reports 41965 2017 7 4.25 Y
5 MUHAMMAD IMTIAZ RASHID, TANVIR SHAHZAD, MUHAMMAD SHAHID, IQBAL MI ISMAIL, GHULAM MUSTAFA SHAH, TALAL ALMEELBI Zinc oxide nanoparticles affect carbon and nitrogen mineralization of Phoenix dactylifera leaf litter in a sandy soil Journal of hazardous materials 298-305 2017 324 6.065 Y
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