Faculty Profile

Muhammad Murad Khan

Lecturer Computer Science

Name: Muhammad Murad Khan
Designation: Lecturer
Department: Computer Science
Faculty: Physical Science
Sr Degree Institute From To
Sr# Authors Paper Title Journal Page# Pub. Year Volume# Impact Factor HEC Rec. View
1 MUHAMMAD MURAD KHAN, ROLIANA IBRAHIM, IMRAN GHANI Cross Domain Recommender Systems: A Systematic Literature Review (PAPER ID:3073565) ACM Computing Surveys 36 2017 50 6.748 Y
2 MUHAMMAD MURAD KHAN Facebook Interactions Utilization for Addressing Recommender Systems Cold Start Problem across System Domain Journal of Internet Technology 861 2018 19 1.93 Y
3 MM KHAN, I GHANI, SR JEONG, R IBRAHIM SOCIAL MEDIA USAGE IN ACADEMIC RESEARCH. Journal of Theoretical & Applied Information Technology nill 2016 87 0 Y
4 MM KHAN, I GHANI, RB IBRAHIM Facebook social interaction transformation for rating matrix generation to find item rank similarity with MovieTweeting dataset KSII The 7th International Conference on Internet (ICONI) 2015 161 2015 18 0 Y
5 R KAZMI, I GHANI, R MOHAMAD, M TARIQ, IS BAJWA, SR JEONG,MM MURAD Trade-off between automated and manual testing: a production possibility curve cost model Int. J. Advance Soft Compu. Appl 12 2016 8 0
6 S YAQOOB, MM KHAN, R TALIB, AD BUTT, S SALEEM, F ARIF, A NADEEM Use of Blockchain in Healthcare: A Systematic Literature Review (IJACSA) International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications, 0 2019 10 0 Y
7 H YUMNA, MM KHAN, M IKRAM, S ILYAS Use of Blockchain in Education: A Systematic Literature Review Asian Conference on Intelligent Information and Database Systems 191 2019 31 0 Y
8 MM KHAN,M BAKHTIARI An HTTPS approach to resist man in the middle attack in secure SMS using ECC and RSA 13 th international IEEE Conference 0 2013 0 0 Y
9 MM KHAN HTTPS Approach to Resist MITM Attack in Secure SMS Universiti Teknologi Malaysia 0 2013 0 0 Y
10 A RAZZAQ, MM KHAN, R TALIB, AD BUTT, N HANIF, S AFZAL, MR RAOUF Use of Blockchain in Governance: A Systematic (IJACSA) International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications, 0 2019 10 0 Y
11 MM KHAN Facebook????????s public social interaction utilization to assist recommendation accross system domain J. Theoret. Appl. Inf. Technol 392 2016 3 0 Y
12 I GHANI, DNA JAWAWI, N NIKNEJAD, M KHAN, SR JEONG A Survey of Agile Transition Models Emerging Innovations in Agile Software Development 141 2016 5 0 Y
13 M YOUNAS, I GHANI, DNA JAWAWI, MM KHAN A framework for agile development in cloud computing environment Journal of Internet Computing and Services 67 2016 17 0 Y
14 MS ALIERO, I GHANI, S ZAINUDDEN, MM KHAN, M BELLO Review on SQL injection protection methods and tools Jurnal Teknologi 49 2015 77 0 Y
15 MM KHAN, R IBRAHIM A Generic Framework for Cross Domain Recommendation Asian Conference on Intelligent Information and Database Systems 323 2019 0 0 Y
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