Faculty Profile

Muhammad Naeem Aamir

Assistant Professor Pharmaceutics

Designation: Assistant Professor
Department: Pharmaceutics
Faculty: Pharmaceutical Sciences
Sr Degree Institute From To
1 Ph.D Islamia University, Bahawalpur 2008 2011
2 M.Phil Or MS Islamia University, Bahawalpur 2006 2008
3 Graduation Or Equivalent Islamia University, Bahawalpur 1999 2003
4 Intermedite Or Equivalent BISE Bahawalpur 1996 1999
5 Matriculation Or Equivalent BISE Bahawalpur 1994 1996
Sr# Authors Paper Title Journal Page# Pub. Year Volume# Impact Factor HEC Rec. View
1 SHUJAAT ALI KHAN, MAHMOOD AHMAD, GHULAM MURTAZA, MUHAMMAD N. AAMIR, FATIMA RASOOL & MUHAMMAD A. RAEES Influence of Process Parameters on Nimesulide-Loaded Poly(D,L-Lactide-Co-Glycolide) Microcapsules 39GwAQ7PeH7fJTFa4DXguurfn7GULq2pTs 199-25 2011 30 .288
2 MAHMOOD AHMAD, GHULAM MURTAZA, FATIMA NASIM, REHMANA RASHEED, SHUJAAT KHAN, MUHAMMAD N. AAMIR AND FATIMA RASOOL. A novel granulation non-solvent addition method containing hydrophilic and lipophilic drugs. Acta Poloniae Pharmaceutica - Drug Research, 285-290 2012 69 .66 Y
3 NABILA ABDUS SALAM, ALIA ERUM, SAJID BASHIR, MUHAMMAD NAEEM AAMIR, AKHTAR RASUL, KHIZAR ABBAS, MUHAMMAD RIAZ, ATIF USMAN Fabrication and Characterization of Sustained-Release Matrix Tablets: Novel Combination of Antidiabetic and Antihypertensive Drugs. Latin American Journal of Pharmacy 431-8 2018 37 .329 Y
4 MUHAMMAD ZUBAIR MALIK, MAHMOOD AHMAD, SALEH MUAHAMMAD AND MUHAMMAD NAEEM AAMIR. Pharmacokinetic evaluation of anticancer drugs in Hodgkin's lymphoma patients after their simultaneous administration Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 2079-82 2016 29 .682 Y
6 MUHAMMAD HANIF, JUNAID QURESHI, HIRA IJAZ, MUHAMMAD IQBAL MUSTAFA, AKHTAR RASUL, MUHAMMAD NAEEM AAMIR, BASMA AFTAB, AHAD FAYYAZ. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, its new drug treatments and strategies: A review. Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 967-71 2018 31 .581 Y
7 MURTAZA G., AHMAD M., WAHEED ASGHAR M., NAEEM AAMIR M Salbutamol sulphate-ethylcellulose microparticles: formulation and in-vitro evaluation with emphasis on mathematical approaches. Daru 209-16 2009 17 .372 Y
8 SHUJAAT A. KHAN, MAHMOOD AHMAD, GHULAM MURTAZA, MUHAMMAD N. AAMIR, NAVEED AKHTAR & ROZINA KOUSAR. Dual Coated Microparticles for Intestinal Delivery of Nimesulide. 39GwAQ7PeH7fJTFa4DXguurfn7GULq2pTs 731-7 2010 29 .308 Y
9 MUHAMMAD NAEEM AAMIR, MAHMOOD AHMAD Development of Tramadol Microparticles by Non-Solvent Addition Method and their In-vitro Characterization Iranian Polymer Journa 937-46 2009 18 .932 Y
10 MUHAMMAD NAEEM AAMIR, MAHMOOD AHMAD. Production and Stability Evaluation of Modified-Release Microparticles for the Delivery of Drug Combinations. AAPS PharmSciTech 351-55 2010 11 1.21 Y
11 MUHAMMAD NAEEM AAMIR, MAHMOOD AHMAD, NAVEED AKHTAR, GHULAM MURTAZA, MUHAMMAD ASADULLAH. Drug Release Kinetics and Stability Studies of Tablets of Tramadol HCl Microspheres Journal of the Chemical Society of Pakistan 180-88 2010 32 .194 Y
12 MAHMOOD AHMAD, MUHAMMAD USMAN NAEEM, MUHAMMAD NAEEM AAMIR Evaluation and comparison: antipyretic activity in compound products of herbal pharmaceutical industries. Journal of Pharmacy and Alternative Medicine 17-20 2014 3 0 N
13 SHUJAAT ALI KHAN, MAHMOOD AHMAD, GHULAM MURTAZA, MUHAMMAD N. AAMIR, FATIMA RASOOL & MUHAMMAD A. RAEES Influence of Process Parameters on Nimesulide-Loaded Poly(D,L-Lactide-Co-Glycolide) Microcapsules Acta Poloniae Pharmaceutica - Drug Research 199-25 2011 30 .288 Y
14 ROZINA KOUSAR, MAHMOOD AHMAD, SHUJAAT A. KHAN, MUHAMMAD N. AAMIR & GHULAM MURTAZA Preparation and In Vitro Characterization of Microparticles Loaded with Cimetidine: Analysis of Dissolution Data using DDSolver Lat Am J Pahrm 1212-17 2013 32 .319 Y
15 HINA HUSSAIN, MUHAMMAD IRFAN MASOOD, MUHAMMAD NAEEM AAMIR, HUMAIRA MAJEED KHAN Stability comparison of two dermal emulsions containing Hippophae Rhamnoides L. oil. Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 1529-34 2017 30 .682 Y
16 CHENGDONG WU, GHULAM MURTAZA, MUHAMMAD ARFAT YAMEEN, MUHAMMAD NAEEM AAMIR, MUHAMMAD AKHTAR, ABDUL MALIK, AND YUHAO ZHAO Permeation study through bacterial cellulose membrane. Acta Poloniae Pharmaceutica - Drug Research 297-300 2014 71 .737 Y
17 MUHAMMAD NAEEM AAMIR, ANEELA MANZOOR, HINA HUSSAIN, ZEESHAN JAVAID, TARIQ MAHMOOD , KHIZAR ABBAS, AND AKHTAR RASUL. Orodispersible Films of an Antipsychotic Drug: Development and Physicochemical Characterization Orodispersible Films of an Antipsychotic Drug: Development and Physicochemical Characterization 467-78 2019 41 .28 Y
18 GHULAM ABBAS, MUHAMMAD HANIF, AKHTAR RASUL, SAJID MAHMOOD KHAN, MUHAMMAD NAEEM AAMIR, BUSHRA NASIR AND MUBASHAR AZIZ. Box-behnken design: a statistical approach to evaluate the effect of crosslinked carboxymethyl cellulose and sodium starch glycolate on release kinetics of drug. Acta Poloniae Pharmaceutica - Drug Research 965-75 2018 75 .737 Y
19 AYESHA AKRAM, AKHTAR RASUL, MUHAMMAD KHURRAM WAQAS, MUHAMMAD IRFAN, SYED HAROON KHALID, MUHAMMAD NAEEM AAMIR, GHULAM MURTAZA, KASHIF UR REHMAN, MUHAMMAD IQBAL AND BARKAT ALI KHAN Development, characterization and evaluation of in-vitro anti-inflammatory activity of ginger extract based micro emulsion Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 1327-32 2019 32 .804 Y
20 MUJEEB UR REHMAN, AKHTAR RASUL, MUHAMMAD IMRAN KHAN, MUHAMMAD HANIF, MUHAMMAD NAEEM AAMIR, MUHAMMAD KHURRAM WAQAS, MUHAMMAD ROUF AKRAM. Development of niosomal formulations loaded with cyclosporine A and evaluation of its compatibility. Tropical Journal Pharmaceutical Research 1457-64 2018 17 .444 Y
21 LIAQAT ALI, MAHMOOD AHMAD, MUHAMMAD NAEEM AAMIR, MUHAMMAD USMAN MINHAS, AKHTAR RASUL��� MUHAMMAD YOUSUF, HINA HUSSAIN, JAWAD AHMAD KHAN, MUHAMMAD SOHAIL. Venlafaxine-loaded sustained-release poly(hydroxyethyl methacrylate-co-itaconic acid) hydrogel composites: their synthesis and in vitro/in vivo attributes. Iranian Polymer Journal 251-58 2019 28 1.278 Y
Sr Post Held Institute / Organization Duration Experience (Y/M/D)
1 Assistant Professor Govt. College University Faisalabad 2014-2016 0/0/0
2 Assistant Professor University of Central Punjab 2012-2013 1/6/14
3 Assistant Professor University of Veterinary and Animal sciences 2011-2012 1/0/0
4 Officer Production Munawar Pharma 2004-2006 1/1/12
Sr Country Funding Agency Duration (Y/M/D) Purpose
Sr Institute Certificate Year Attended Major Subject