Faculty Profile

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Iqbal

Professor Botany

Name: Prof. Dr. Muhammad Iqbal
Designation: Professor
Department: Botany
Faculty: Life Sciences
Sr Degree Institute From To
1 Postdoctorate Other University 2008 2009
2 Ph.D University of Agriculture, Faisalabad 2000 2004
3 M.Phil Or MS University of Agriculture, Faisalabad 1997 1999
Sr# Authors Paper Title Journal Page# Pub. Year Volume# Impact Factor HEC Rec. View
1 IMRAN KHAN, MUHAMMAD IQBAL, MUHAMMAD YASIN ASHRAF, MUHAMMAD ARSLAN ASHRAF AND SHAFAQAT ALI Organic chelants-mediated enhanced lead (Pb) uptake and accumulation is associated with higher activity of enzymatic antioxidants in spinach (Spinacea oleracea L.) Journal of Hazardous Materials 352-361 2016 317 4.836 Y
2 QASIM ALI, MUHAMMAD ZULQURNAIN HAIDER, WASIF IFTIKHAR, SIDRA JAMIL, M. TARIQ JAVED, ALI NOMAN, MUHAMMAD IQBAL AND RASHIDA PERVEEN Drought tolerance potential of Vigna mungo L. lines as deciphered by modulated growth, antioxidant defense, and nutrient acquisition patterns Brazilian Journal of Botany 801-812 2016 39 .734 Y
3 SHAGUFTA PERVEEN, MUHAMMAD IQBAL, ATTIA NAWAZ, ABIDA PARVEEN, SAQIB MAHMOOD Induction of drought tolerance in Zea mays L. by foliar application of triacontanol Pakistan Journal of Botany 907-915 2016 48 .658 Y
4 SABA ANWAR, MUHAMMAD IQBAL, HAFIZ MUHAMMAD AKRAM, MUBASHIR NIAZ AND RIZWAN RASHEED Influence of Drought Applied at Different Growth Stages on Kernel Yield and Quality in Maize (Zea Mays L.) Communications in Soil Science and Plant Analysis 2225-2232 2016 47 .529 Y
5 HUMA LUBNA SHAHEEN, MUHAMMAD IQBAL, MUHAMMAD AZEEM, MUHAMMAD SHAHBAZ AND MISBAH SHEHZADI K-priming positively modulates growth and nutrient status of salt-stressed cotton (Gossypium hirsutum) seedlings Archives of Agronomy and Soil Science 759-768 2016 62 1.118 Y
6 S. PERVEEN, M. SHAHBAZ, M. IQBAL, M.S. AKRAM, A. PARVEEN, H.M.M. ALI Induction of cadmium stress tolerance in Triticum aestivum L. by alfalfa leaf extract Applied Ecology and Environmental Research 121-136 2016 14 .5 Y
7 SAQIB MAHMOOD, TARIQ MAHMOOD, IQBAL HUSSIAN, SADIA JAVED, BEENISH AFZAL, FREEHA GHAFFAR, MUHAMMAD IQBAL, MUHAMMAD AKRAM, AND SYED MUHAMMAD ALI SHAH Efficacy of differently applied tyrosine and tryptophan for modulation of phenolic metabolism in Trachyspermum ammi (L.) sprague seedlings Pakistan journal of pharmaceutical sciences 1847-1851 2016 29 .581 Y
8 MUHAMMAD IQBAL, IQBAL HUSSAIN, HENA LIAQAT, M. ARSLAN ASHRAF, RIZWAN RASHEED AND AZIZ UR REHMAN Exogenously applied selenium reduces oxidative stress and induces heat tolerance in spring wheat Plant Physiology and Biochemistry 318506 2015 94 2.928 Y
9 RIZWAN RASHEED, MUHAMMAD ARSLAN ASHRAF, IQBAL HUSSAIN, ABIDA PARVEEN, RIZWAN ALAM, MUHAMMAD IQBAL Physiological and biochemical markers to optimize sugar mill wastewater for irrigation in maize (Zea mays L.) crop Brazilian Journal of Botany 51-61 2015 38 .734 Y
10 M A ASHRAF, R RASHEED, A ASGHAR, M A SAJID, M IQBAL Exogenous application of silicon at the boot stage decreases accumulation of cadmium in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) grains Brazilian Journal of Botany 223-234 2015 38 .734 Y
11 M ILYAS, M U ARSHAD, F SAEED, M IQBAL Antioxidant potential and nutritional comparison of moringa leaf and seed powders and their tea infusions The Journal of Animal and Plant Sciences 226-233 2015 25 .422 Y
12 M A ASHRAF, R RASHEED, I HUSSAIN, M IQBAL, M Z HAIDER, S PARVEEN, M A SAJID Hydrogen peroxide modulates antioxidant system and nutrient relation in maize (Zea mays L.) under water-deficit conditions Archives of Agronomy and Soil Science 507-523 2015 61 1.118 Y
13 MUHAMMAD IQBAL, IQBAL HUSSAIN, ASMA HABIB, MUHAMMAD ARSLAN ASHRAF, RIZWAN RASHEED Effect of Semiarid Environment on Some Nutritional and Antinutritional Attributes of Calendula (Calendula officinalis) Journal of Chemistry Article ID 318506 2015 2015 .996 Y
14 SIDRA JAMIL, QASIM ALI, MUHAMMAD IQBAL, MUHAMMAD TARIQ JAVED, WASIF IFTIKHAR, FAISAL SHAHZAD, RASHIDA PERVEEN Modulations in plant water relations and tissue-specific osmoregulation by foliar-applied ascorbic acid and the induction of salt tolerance in maize plants Brazilian Journal of Botany 527-538 2015 38 .734 Y
15 IQBAL HUSSAIN, MUHAMMAD ARSLAN ASHRAF, RIZWAN RASHEED, MUHAMMAD IQBAL, MUHAMMAD IBRAHIM, SHAMILA ASHRAF Heat shock increases oxidative stress to modulate growth and physico-chemical attributes in diverse maize cultivars International Agrophysics 519-531 2016 30 1.067 Y
16 MUHAMMAD IQBAL AND MUHAMMAD ASHRAF Alleviation of salinity-induced perturbations in ionic and hormonal concentrations in spring wheat through seed preconditioning in synthetic auxins Acta Physiologiae Plantarum 1093-1112 2013 35 1.563 Y
17 MUHAMMAD IQBAL, MUHAMMAD ASHRAF AND AMER JAMIL Seed enhancement with cytokinins: changes in growth and grain yield in salt stressed wheat plants Plant Growth Regulation 29-39 2006 50 2.333 Y
18 IQBAL HUSSAIN, MUHAMMAD IQBAL, MUHAMMAD NAWAZ, RIZWAN RASHEED, ABIDA PERVEEN, SAQIB MAHMOOD, AZRA YASMEEN, ABDUL WAHID Effect of Sugar Mill Effluent on Growth and Antioxidative Potential of Maize Seedling International Journal of Agriculture and Biology 1227-1235 2013 15 .758 Y
19 MUHAMMAD IQBAL, MUHAMMAD ASHRAF, AMER JAMIL AND SHAFIQ UR-REHMAN Does Seed Priming Induce Changes in the Levels of Some Endogenous Plant Hormones in Hexaploid Wheat Plants Under Salt Stress? Journal of Integrative Plant Biology 181-189 2006 48 3.67 Y
20 IQBAL HUSSAIN, MUHAMMAD IQBAL, SOBIA QURAT-UL-AIN, RIZWAN RASHEED, SAQIB MAHMOOD, ABIDA PERVEEN AND ABDUL WAHID Cadmium dose and exposure-time dependent alterations in growth and physiology of maize (Zea mays) International Journal of Agriculture and Biology 959-964 2012 14 .758 Y
21 M. IQBAL, N. AKHTAR, S. ZAFAR AND I. ALI Genotypic responses for yield and seed oil quality of two Brassica species under semi-arid environmental conditions South African Journal of Botany 567-571 2008 74 1.244 Y
22 MUHAMMAD IQBAL, MUHAMMAD ASHRAF, SHAFIQ-UR-REHMAN AND EUI SHIK RHA Does polyamine seed pretreatment modulate growth and levels of some plant growth regulators in hexaploid wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) plants under salt stress? Botanical Studies 239-250 2006 47 1.159 Y
23 FOZIA ANJUM, FAROOQ ANWAR, AMER JAMIL, MUHAMMAD IQBAL Microwave roasting effects on the physico-chemical composition and oxidative stability of sunflower seed oil Journal of the American Oil Chemists' Society (JAOCS) 777-784 2006 83 1.505 Y
24 SAQIB MAHMOOD, ABIDA PARVEEN, IQBAL HUSSAIN, SADIA JAVED AND MUHAMMAD IQBAL Possible involvement of secondary metabolites in the thermotolerance of maize seedlings International Journal of Agriculture and Biology 1075-1082 2014 16 .758 Y
25 RASHEED, RIZWAN AND ASHRAF, MUHAMMAD ARSLAN AND HUSSAIN, IQBAL AND HAIDER, MUHAMMAD ZULQURNAIN AND KANWAL, UZMA AND IQBAL, MUHAMMAD Exogenous proline and glycinebetaine mitigate cadmium stress in two genetically different spring wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) cultivars Brazilian Journal of Botany 399-406 2014 37 .734 Y
26 RIZWAN RASHEED, MUHAMMAD ARSLAN ASHRAF, SUMAIRA PARVEEN, MUHAMMAD IQBAL AND IQBAL HUSSAIN Effect of Salt Stress on Different Growth and Biochemical Attributes in Two Canola (Brassica napus L.) Cultivars Communications in Soil Science and Plant Analysis 669-679 2014 45 .529 Y
27 MUHAMMAD IQBAL, MUHAMMAD ASHRAF Salt tolerance and regulation of gas exchange and hormonal homeostasis by auxin???priming in wheat Pesquisa Agropecuaria Brasileira 1210-1219 2013 48 .564 Y
28 SABA ANWAR, MUHAMMAD IQBAL, SYED HAMMAD RAZA AND NAEEM IQBAL Efficacy of seed preconditioning with salicylic and ascorbic acid in increasing vigor of rice (Oryza sativa L.) seedling Pakistan Journal of Botany 157-162 2013 45 .658 Y
29 MUHAMMAD IQBAL AND MUHAMMAD ASHRAF Gibberellic acid mediated induction of salt tolerance in wheat plants: Growth, ionic partitioning, photosynthesis, yield and hormonal homeostasis Environmental and Experimental Botany 76-85 2013 86 3.712 Y
30 MUHAMMAD IQBAL AND MUHAMMAD ASHRAF Wheat seed priming in relation to salt tolerance: growth, yield and levels of free salicylic acid and polyamines Annales Botanici Fennici 250-259 2006 43 .893 Y
31 MUHAMMAD IQBAL AND MUHAMMAD ASHRAF Presowing Seed Treatment with Cytokinins and Its Effect on Growth, Photosynthetic Rate, Ionic Levels and Yield of Two Wheat Cultivars Differing in Salt Tolerance Journal of Integrative Plant Biology 1315-1325 2005 47 3.67 Y
32 MUHAMMAD IQBAL AND MUHAMMAD ASHRAF Seed Preconditioning Modulates Growth, Ionic Relations, and Photosynthetic Capacity in Adult Plants of Hexaploid Wheat under Salt Stress Journal of Plant Nutrition 381-396 2007 30 .51 Y
33 MUHAMMAD IQBAL AND MUHAMMAD ASHRAF Changes in growth, photosynthetic capacity and ionic relations in spring wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) due to pre-sowing seed treatment with polyamines Plant Growth Regulation 19-30 2005 46 2.333 Y
34 MUHAMMAD IQBAL AND MUHAMMAD ASHRAF Changes in Hormonal Balance: A Possible Mechanism of Pre-Sowing Chilling-Induced Salt Tolerance in Spring Wheat Journal of Agronomy and Crop Science 440-454 2010 196 2.565 Y
35 GIRISH CHOPPALA, SAIFULLAH, NANTHI BOLAN, SADIA BIBI, MUHAMMAD IQBAL, ZED RENGEL, ANITHA KUNHIKRISHNAN, NANJAPPA ASHWATH AND YONG SIK OK Cellular Mechanisms in Higher Plants Governing Tolerance to Cadmium Toxicity Critical Reviews in Plant Sciences 374-391 2014 33 4.81 Y
36 SANA RIAZ, MUHAMMAD IQBAL, IQBAL HUSSAIN, RIZWAN RASHEED, M ARSLAN ASHRAF, SAQIB MAHMOOD, MUHAMMAD YOUNAS, MUHAMMAD ZAFAR IQBAL Chronic cadmium induced oxidative stress not the DNA fragmentation modulates growth in spring wheat (Triticum aestivum) International Journal of Agriculture and Biology 789-794 2014 16 .758 Y
37 MUHAMMAD IQBAL AND MUHAMMAD ASHRAF Seed Treatment with Auxins Modulates Growth and Ion Partitioning in Salt-stressed Wheat Plants Journal of Integrative Plant Biology 1045-1057 2007 49 3.67 Y
38 IQBAL HUSSAIN, MUHAMMAD ARSLAN ASHRAF, RIZWAN RASHEED, MUHAMMAD IQBAL, MUHAMMAD IBRAHIM, TANZELLA ZAHID, SUMAIRA THIND AND FARHAN SAEED Cadmium-induced perturbations in growth, oxidative defense system, catalase gene expression and fruit quality in tomato International Journal of Agriculture and Biology 61-68 2017 19 .758 Y
39 SHAGUFTA PERVEEN, MUHAMMAD IQBAL, ABIDA PARVEEN, MUHAMMAD SOHAIL AKRAM, MUHAMMAD SHAHBAZ, SHEHNAL AKBER, ANEEQA MEHBOOB Exogenous triacontanol-mediated increase in phenolics, proline, activity of nitrate reductase, and shoot k+ confers salt tolerance in maize (Zea mays L.) Brazilian Journal of Botany 1-11 2017 40 .734 Y
40 IQBAL HUSSAIN, ASIF SIDDIQUE, MUHAMMAD ARSLAN ASHRAF, RIZWAN RASHEED, MUHAMMAD IBRAHIM, MUHAMMAD IQBAL, SOBIA AKBAR, MUHAMMAD IMRAN Does exogenous application of ascorbic acid modulate growth, photosynthetic pigments and oxidative defense in okra (Abelmoschus esculentus (L.) Moench) under lead stress? Acta Physiologiae Plantarum 144 2017 39 1.563
41 MUHAMMAD ARSLAN ASHRAF, IQBAL HUSSAIN, RIZWAN RASHEED, MUHAMMAD IQBAL, MUHAMMAD RIAZ, MUHAMMAD SALEEM ARIF Advances in microbe-assisted reclamation of heavy metal contaminated soils over the last decade: A review Journal of Environmental Management 132-143 2017 198 3.131 Y
42 SAQIB MAHMOOD, IQBAL HUSSAIN, AYESHA ASHRAF, ABIDA PARVEEN, SADIA JAVED, MUHAMMAD IQBAL, BEENISH AFZAL Tyrosine-priming modulates phenylpropanoid pathway in maize grown under different pH regimes Cereal Research Communications 214-224 2017 45 .528 Y
43 IRAM SHAHZADI, MUHAMMAD IQBAL, RIZWAN RASHEED, M. ARSLAN ASHRAF, SHAGUFTA PERVEEN, MAKHDOOM HUSSAIN Foliar application of selenium increases fertility and grain yield in bread wheat under contrasting water availability regimes Acta Physiologiae Plantarum 173 2017 39 10364 Y
44 MUHAMMAD ARSLAN ASHRAF, ALI AKBAR, ABIDA PARVEEN, RIZWAN RASHEED, IQBAL HUSSAIN AND MUHAMMAD IQBAL Phenological application of selenium differentially improves growth, oxidative defense and ion homeostasis in maize under salinity stress Plant Physiology and Biochemistry 268-280 2018 123 2.724 Y
45 SUMAIRA QUTAB, MUHAMMAD IQBAL, RIZWAN RASHEED, M. ARSLAN ASHRAF, IQBAL HUSSAIN AND NUDRAT AISHA AKRAM Root zone selenium reduces cadmium toxicity by modulating tissue-specific growth and metabolism in maize (Zea mays L.) Archives of Agronomy and Soil Science 1900-1911 2017 63 2.137 Y
46 RIZWAN RASHEED, MUHAMMAD IQBAL, MUHAMMAD ARSLAN ASHRAF, IQBAL HUSSAIN, FAHAD SHAFIQ, ATIQA YOUSAF & AHMAD ZAHEER Glycine betaine counteracts the inhibitory effects of waterlogging on growth, photosynthetic pigments, oxidative defence system, nutrient composition, and fruit quality in tomato The Journal of Horticultural Science and Biotechnology 385-391 2018 93 .538 Y
47 SHAFIQ F., RAZA S.H., BIBI A., KHAN I., IQBAL M. Influence of proline priming on antioxidative potential and ionic distribution and its relationship with salt tolerance of wheat Cereal Research Communications 287-300 2018 46 .489 Y
48 RIZWAN RASHEED AND MUHAMMAD ARSLAN ASHRAF AND SEHRISH KAMRAN AND MUHAMMAD IQBAL AND IQBAL HUSSAIN Menadione sodium bisulphite mediated growth, secondary metabolism, nutrient uptake and oxidative defense in okra (Abelmoschus esculentus Moench) under cadmium stress Journal of Hazardous Materials 604 - 614 2018 360 6.43 Y
49 IQBAL HUSSAIN, ABIDA PARVEEN, RIZWAN RASHEED, MUHAMMAD ARSLAN ASHRAF, MUHAMMAD IBRAHIM, SAIMA RIAZ, ZARBHAKHAT AFZAAL, MUHAMMAD IQBAL Exogenous Silicon Modulates Growth, Physio-Chemicals and Antioxidants in Barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) Exposed to Different Temperature Regimes Silicon 1-10 2019 10 1.246 Y
50 M ARSHAD, M IQBAL, MY ASHRAF, Q ALI, N IQBAL Exogenous sodium nitroprusside increases antioxidative potential and grain yield of bread wheat exposed to cadmium Pakistan Journal of Botany 409-420 2019 51 .75 Y
51 S PERVEEN, M IQBAL, M SAEED, N IQBAL, S ZAFAR, T MUMTAZ Cysteine-induced alterations in physicochemical parameters of oat (Avena sativa L. var. Scott and F-411) under drought stress Biologia Futura 16-24 2019 70 .439 Y
Sr Post Held Institute / Organization Duration Experience (Y/M/D)
1 Professor Government College University, Faisalabad 2017- 0/0/0
2 Associate Professor Government College University, Faisalabad 2011-2017 0/0/0
3 Assistant Professor Government College University, Faisalabad 2006-2011 0/0/0
4 Lecturer University of Agriculture, Faisalabad 2004-2006 0/0/0
5 Lecturer Government Farid Bukhsh Ghosia Degree Sci. College 333 GB Faridabad, Pir Mahal, T.T.Singh 2002-2004 0/0/0
Sr Country Funding Agency Duration (Y/M/D) Purpose
1 UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA) Higher Education Commission, Pakistan 0/0/0 Postdoc
Sr Institute Certificate Year Attended Major Subject