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Dr. Shahid Adeel

Associate Professor Applied Chemistry

Designation: Associate Professor
Department: Applied Chemistry
Faculty: Physical Science
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Sr# Authors Paper Title Journal Page# Pub. Year Volume# Impact Factor HEC Rec. View
1 S. ADEEL, M. AZEEM, S. KAMAL, F. REHMAN, A.GHAFFAR, N. HABIB, N, IQBAL, I. IRSHAD, M. KAMRAN, ASIF ULLAH SHABIR Microwave assisted investigation of golden duranta (duranta repnes L.) Leaves as a natural colorant for surface oxidised cellulosic dye Oxidation communications 3507-3514 2016 4 .489 Y
2 M. MUNEER, T. H. BOKHARI , M A. JAMAL , M. K. KHOSA , N. AFZAL , SH. ADEEL , S. ULLAH, M . IQBAL, M. IQBAL Green Processes: Removal of Reactive Blue 19 by Gamma Radiation Oxidation Communications 2100-2106 2015 38 .489 Y
3 T. GULZAR, S. ADEEL , I. HANIF, F. REHMAN, R. HANIF, M. ZUBER, N. AKHTAR Eco-friendly Dyeing of gamma ray induced cotton using natural Quercetin extracted from acacia bark (A. nilotica) Journal of Natural Fibers 494-504 2015 12 .582 Y
4 MUHAMMAD SAEED, SHAHID ADEEL, MUHAMMAD AZHAR SHAHZAD, ATTA-UL-HAQ, MAJID MUNEER, MUHAMMAD YOUNAS Pt/Al2O3Catalyzed Decolorization of Rhodamine B Dye in Aqueous Medium Chinag Mai Journal of Science 730-744 2015 42 .42 Y
5 M. MUNEER, S. ADEEL , I. A. BHATTI , M. A. JAMAL , F. U. REHMAN. Removal Of Reactive Orange P3R Dye By Oxidative Pathway Oxidation Communications 808-817 2015 38 .489 Y
6 SHAHID ADEEL, MUHAMMAD USMAN, WAQAR HAIDER, MUHAMMAD SAEED , MAJID MUNEER , MAJID ALI Dyeing of gamma irradiated cotton using Direct Yellow 12 and Direct Yellow 27: Improvement in colour strength and fastness properties Cellulose 2095-2105 2015 22 3.195 Y
7 SAEED M., HAQ, A., MUNEER, M., ADEEL, S., HAMAYUN, M., ISMAIL, M., YOUNAS, M., SIDDIQUE, M. Degradation of Direct Black 38 dye catalyzed by Lab Prepared Nickel Hydroxide in Aqueous medium Global Nest Journal 309-320 2016 2 .458 Y
8 MUHAMMAD SAEED, SHAHID ADEEL, MOHAMMAD ILYAS, MUHAMMAD AZHAR SHAHZAD, MUHAMMAD USMAN, EHSAN-UL HAQ, MUHAMMAD HAMAYUN Oxidative degradation of Methyl Orange catalyzed by lab prepared nickel hydroxide in aqueous medium Desalination and Water Treatment 12804-12813 2016 57 1.272 Y
9 M. MUNEER, S. ADEEL, S. AYUB, M. ZUBER, F.-UR-REHMAN, M. I. KANJAL, M. IQBAL, M. KAMRAN 2016 Dyeing behaviour of microwave assisted surface modified polyester fabric using disperse orange 25: improvement in colour strength and fastness properties Oxidation Communications 1430-1439 2016 39 489 Y
10 IJAZ AHMAD BHATTI, SHAHID ADEEL, SAJIDA PERVEEN AND MOHAMMAD ZUBER Dyeing of UV irradiated cotton and polyester fabrics with multifunctional reactive and disperse dyes Journal of Saudi Chemical Society 178-184 2016 20 1.978 Y
11 FERIEL BOUATAY, NIZAR MEKSI, SHAHID ADEEL, FATMA SALAH & FAROUK MHENNI Dyeing Behavior of the Cellulosic and Jute Fibers with Cationic Dyes: Process Development and Optimization Using Statistical Analysis Journal of Natural Fibers 423-436 2016 13 .582 Y
12 M.USMAN, S. ADEEL, W. HAIDER, A. GHAFFAR, F. REHMAN AND M. ALI. . Dyeing of bio-treated and gamma irradiated cotton fabric using Direct Yellow 12 and Direct Yellow 27 J Natural Fibers 483-491 2016 13 .582 Y
13 S. ADEEL, A. GHAFFAR, M. MUSHTAQ, M.YAMEEN, F.UR. REHMAN, M.ZUBER, M. KAMRAN, M. IQBAL Bio-processing of Surface oxidized cellulosic fibre by microwave treatment for eco-friendly textile dyeing Oxidation Communications 2396-2406 2016 39 .489 Y
14 S. ADEEL, M. MUNEER, S. AYUB, M. SAEED, M. ZUBER, M. IQBAL, E.-UL-HAQ, M. KAMRAN Fabrication of UV assisted improvement in dyeing behavior of polyester fabric using disperse orange 25 Oxidation communications 925-935 2017 40 .489 Y
15 T. GULZAR, S. KIRAN, S. ADEEL, Z. AFTAB, T. FROOQ, M. JANNAT, M. ZUBER, S. AZHAR Ultrasonic assisted eco-friendly printing of cotton fabric using mixture of pigment yellow 83 with black 7 oxidation communications 936-945 2017 40 0 Y
16 MUHAMMAD SAEED, SHAHID ADEEL, HAFIZ ABDUL RAOOF, MUHAMMAD USMAN, ASIM MANSHA, AZIZ AHMAD AND MOHAMMAD AMJED ZnO Catalyzed Degradation of Methyl Orange in Aqueous Medium Chiang Mai Journal of Science 1546-1653 2017 44 .437 Y
17 M. SAEED, S. ADEEL, ATTA-UL-AHAQ, S. KIRAN, S.G. KHAN, M. SIDDIQUE, M. A. SHAHZAD Degradation of methyl orange catalyzed by Pt/ Al2O3 in aqueous medium oxidation communications 13-21 2017 40 .489 Y
18 F. REHMAN, S. ADEEL, S. SHAKEEL, M. J. SAIF, M. USMAN, M. ZUBER, M. KAMRAN, M. IQBAL,. Radcure improvement in dyeing ability of cellulosic fabric using Vat Brown 1 dye oxidation communications 359-366 2017 40 .489 Y
19 SHAHID ADEEL, TAHSIN GULZAR, MUHAMMAD AZEEM, FAZAL-UR-REHMAN, MUHAMMAD SAEED, IRAM HANIF , NAEEM IQBAL. Appraisal of marigold flower based leutin as natural colourant for textile dyeing under the influence of gamma radiations. Radiation Physics and Chemistry 35-39 2017 130 1.315 Y
20 F.REHMAN, S. ADEEL, A.HAJI, W. HADDAR, M.J.SAIF, M.KAMRAN, M.ZUBER, N. AKHTAR Ecofriendly dyeing of plasma-treated wool fabric using bi-functional reactive dye Oxidations communications 878-892 2017 40 .489 Y
21 MUHAMMAD ZAHID, IJAZ A. BHATTI, SHAHID ADEEL & SADIA SABA Modification of cotton fabric for textile dyeing: Industrial mercerization versus gamma irradiation Journal of The Textile Institue 287-292 2017 108 1.007 Y
22 MUHAMMAD HUSSAN, NAEEM IQBAL, SHAHID ADEEL, MUHAMMAD AZEEM, M TARIQ JAVED, ALI RAZA. Microwave-assisted enhancement of milkweed (Calotropis procera L.) leaves as an eco-friendly source of natural colorants for textile Environment Science and Pollution Research 5089-5094 2017 24 2.741 Y
23 F. REHMAN, S. ADEEL, R. HANIF, M. MUNEER, K. M. ZIA, M. ZUBER, M. A. JAMAL & K.K. KHOSA. Modulation of marigold based Lutein dye and its dyeing behavior using UV Radiation Journal of Natural Fibers 63-70 2017 14 .974 Y
24 S. ADEEL, S. KIRAN, T. GULZAR, F. REHMAN, M. AZEEM, Z. AHMAD, M. ZUBER, M. KAMRAN & Z. IQBAL Influence of ultrasonic radiation on the dyeing of cotton fabric using Reactive Yellow 145 Dyeaa Journal of Natural Fibers 658-665 2017 14 .974 Y
25 SHAHID ADEEL, MOHAMMAD ZUBER, FAZAL-UR-REHMAN, KHALID MAHMOOD ZIA Microwave-assisted extraction and dyeing of chemical and bio-mordanted cotton fabric using harmal seeds as a source of natural dye Environmental Science and Pollution Research 11100 2018 25 2.8 Y
26 S. ADEEL, M. SAEED, A. ABDULLAH, F. REHMAN, M. SALMAN, M. KAMRAN, M.ZUBER AND M. IQBAL. Microwave assisted modulation of vat dyeing of cellulosic fiber: Improvement in color characteristics Journal of Natural Fibers 517-526 2018 15 1.076 Y
27 SHAHID ADEEL, SANIA SHAHID, SAMREEN GULL KHAN, FAZAL-UR-REHMAN, MAJID MUNEER, MOHAMMAD ZUBER, AND NASIM AKTHAR Eco-friendly disperse dyeing of Ultraviolet treated polyester fabric using Disperse Yellow 211 dye Polish Journal of Environmental Studies 1935-1939 2018 27 1.12 Y
28 SHAHID ADEEL, SAMREEN GULL KHAN, SANIA SHAHID, MUHAMMAD SAEED, SHUMAILA KIRAN, MUHAMMAD ZUBER, MUHAMMAD SULEMAN AND NASIM AKHTAR Sustainable dyeing of microwave treated polyester fabric using Disperse Yellow 211 dye Journal of The Mexican Chemical Society 1-9 2018 62 .643 Y
Sr Post Held Institute / Organization Duration Experience (Y/M/D)
1 Associate Professor (Applied Chemistry) Govt. College University Faisalabad 2023- 0/0/0
2 Assistant Professor Chemistry (OPS) Govt. College University Faisalabad 2020-2022 2/2/15
3 Lecturer (Chemistry) Govt. College University Faisalabad 2012-2020 8/4/0
4 Lecturer (Applied Chemistry) Govt. College University Faisalabad 2011-2012 1/0/0
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